2007 Roundup: It’s A Wrap

2007will leave us shortly. And there are several things I would like to say to all readers who have visited my blog, read my postings, left comments and been involved in the discussions.

Since 18 October 2007, after moving from my original Finally Woken in Friendster to Blogger, my new Finally Woken blog has been visited by almost 6,000 readers. That means it’s about 2,000 visitors a month. Or about 70 people a day. Whoa! I have never realized that so many people actually read my blog.

When Patung of Indonesia Matters started to gather blogs to develop Top 100 Indonesian Blogs, I submitted my blog out of curiosity. And I was surprised to find out that I made it on the 69th position in English category at the first time. Although then the rank has been changed several times and I’m reaching the bottom page right now, I’m quite proud that I have made it, at least for a while. For a blog which was 2 months old that time, it was a big achievement.

Fatih Suyud, one of most respected Indonesian bloggers, made a review about me in December 13th as Indonesian Blogger of The Week. I don’t know why he chose me in the first place, as my humble existence is nothing compares to lots of others, but I’m really flattered and honored to be acknowledged by such a big personality in Indonesian blogosphere.

Over the time, I have made contacts and friends with other Indonesian bloggers, some of them are much bigger and more famous than me. Most of them have been around Indonesia blogosphere for a long time. Some of them actually write for a living. Some have their books published. Their presences are intimidating, and when the first time I noticed they visited my blog, I jumped like a child in a candy store. I value their comments wholeheartedly.

Then more serious matters come. A person (I can’t tell whether it’s a man or a woman, the name is ambiguous, but let’s assume it’s a man) sent me an email, asking my permission to use one of my postings as his argument basis on his assignment in the university. I was surprised to find out that my posting in September 2007, ‘Real’ Friends, is considered worthy enough to be put on his footnotes (his essay title is “Do Social Websites Enhance Personal Relationships?”; and if you stumble upon his writing, please let me know. I’m curious to read what he has written). It was quite scary too, because that moment I realize that people do read my blog and value my thoughts, which means I have to be more responsible for what I write. Another wake up call coming later on when one of respected Indonesian blogger decided to vanish in the thin air because his/her physical safety was in jeopardy. The great blog was deleted, and even up to date I still visit the blog, hoping it would come back again.

Jakartass occasionally sends emails to me and other bloggers. His comments and questions are intimidating and pushing me to keep my eyes open of my surroundings, be aware of what happens, and think outside the box. He will have a great project coming in the next few months, and I am honored when he offers me an opportunity to participate, although at this moment I still have no idea how to start!

I am also quite pleased that in 3 months I have had a quite well developed blog. I steal the info, tips and tricks from some blogs like The Aroengbinang Project and Blog Tips. I have learned the curly HTML language, and I although I’m far from an expert, I could develop my blog pretty well, and my silly addiction now is infectious! Ecky will not just buzz me through Yahoo! Messenger to ask me questions about how to do this and that, she even will send text messages to get quick answers. There was a time when she sent me SMS when I was in a train to Edinburgh and I had to use my memory to answer her questions. And now she is online much more often. Melly now has moved to Blogger too and says that she becomes addicted to writing because of me. I wa
nt to clarify here that I’m not responsible if their partners claim that these ladies pay attention less to their partners because they spend too much time in front of computers…

I have developed good friendships with several other bloggers. And although sadly I had to give the Indonesian Blogger Christmas Gathering a miss 2 weeks ago, I promise to meet up with some Indonesian lady bloggers in January 2008 before I leave back to Scotland, and I am so looking forward to meet them in person. Would be interesting when meeting Parvita who generated over 300 reactions in IndonesiaMatters over 1 topic. Or Elyani who is always nice and wise when leaving comments.

But one thing that makes me happy the most: having you, the regular readers who bother to come and come again to read my postings. Because of you, every time I’m lost in words, every time I can’t think of anything to write, I think of you, my regular readers. And somehow I always find some topic, no matter how silly it is, to write. Because of you I write much more often. Because of you I want to keep writing. Because of you I seriously think what I am going to write and how you are going to take it.

And because of you all, I am here, right now. Ready to leave the year 2007 with nothing but pride and joy. And facing 2008 with a big smile and wish. Hoping and knowing that we all will meet again, and go through it together.

So, how was your 2007?


  1. Anita, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading and learning so many things from your blog. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2008 brings you many happy times and wonderful memories to look back on.

  2. @Elyani: Happy New Year 2008 too. It’s a pleasure to meet you in this virtual world!

  3. aroengbinang says:

    very nice wrap up and congrats for the impressive achievements in such a short period of time jeng!

    there’ll be ups and downs, but there’ll always be friends out there who will continue supporting us, in any kind of situation.

    thanks for the honor to be in the post jeng. wishing you have a more meaningful and enjoyable life in the new year.

  4. @Aroengbinang: Thank you, mas. I indeed have learned so many things from you. Happy New Year!

  5. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Happy New Year, Anita. Thanks for dropping by.

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