2008 Bugil’s Calendar

I received Eastern Promise newsletter update this morning. Something caught my eyes and I stopped scrolling when I nearly reached the bottom page. I blinked. Again. And again. Probably I was dreaming. But no. The half-naked lady picture was still there.

Stop drooling. It’s not me, obviously. It’s the teaser or promotion of the upcoming calendar for Bugil’s, Eastern Promise (EP), Cazbar, De Hooi and One Tree bars. The girls in the calendar are the barmaids.

Bugil’s has been producing calendar every year for several times now. Usually they pick one theme and the barmaids will pose with skimpy clothes according to the theme. Last year the theme was sport, so the barmaids (which are now coming from not only Bugil’s but also from the other bars) put some skimpy sport clothes on and posed as if they played football, boxing, etc.

Usually Stuart bought the calendar (he’s such a loyal customer, he bought everything that Bugil’s sales, including T-shirts – he’s got many, Bart’s Bule Gila book – he bought one for himself, one for me, and God knows how many for people he knows, and Stroopwafels – sometimes we still bought them in Starbucks – yes, people, they supply stroopwafels to Starbucks and other several coffee houses – even though we could buy the same thing from Bugil’s/EP/Caz for much cheaper price). And usually when he’s back to Scotland he would bring several for his friends here. Last year, he brought at least 7 calendars back home, one must be sent by post because the guy doesn’t live in Aberdeen.

It’s a big deal for all guys here. First because you don’t get such treatments from barmaids here like in Bugils, EP, or Caz, where barmaids remember you, know you by first name, remember what your favorite drink is, and put up with your tantrum/weird behavior/strange fetish. In here you must fight to get attention from the barmaids, and sometimes even though you stand right in front of them, frantically waving your money at them, they will still be doing something else and you must wait patiently to get served (try to shout and you’d be kicked out). Secondly, the barmaids in Bugil’s group are much prettier. They’re young (usually in their twenties), they have great bodies, they are crazy, and they dress to impress (if they remember to put it on). In here you’d get old grannies, grumpy young ladies, or worst, guys (not to me obviously, guys barmen are such a sight for sore eyes. Ha!). Thirdly, they’re trained to be flirty and overtly friendly to male customers (Indonesian ladies are not big drinkers, therefore it’s useless to put some George Clooney lookalike at the bar). So having young, perky, pretty, friendly, sexy barmaids served you is like a dream come true. Having them posed for you every month is like living in heaven.

I don’t mind with sexy calendars. After living in Scotland for several months I’ve quickly found out that nakedness is natural thing and not a taboo subject. TV shows will comfortably feature people being naked (I think it’s a European thing. American TV shows, however, will show violence in great details but won’t even show breasts, something that I think Indonesian TV industry adapts heavily). The tabloid The Sun, owned by the media godfather Rupert Murdoch, features top-half naked girl everyday on Page 3. And there is no age restriction to buy newspapers, so teenage boys with raging hormones could buy it and drool over the Page 3 models.

But half-naked barmaids is a different thing. From the teaser put in EP website, clearly the girl doesn’t have anything on her top half. Ok, she probably wore nipple covers – click here for example how those things work if you have no idea what I am talking about – during photo shoots, but they are not clothes. That’s something girls wear underneath their clothes. And it still doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t have her top on). Why does it bother me? Because the models are real. They are not just some models we don’t know and can only dream of. They are flesh and blood, only an arms-length distance, performing submissive role (serving), and because it’s a service industry, they will be extra nice and flirty to male customers. So having what guys have imagined so far printed in glossy papers and hang them up in the kitchen or bathroom is too close to reality.

Of course for single guys it wouldn’t be a problem at all. I will encourage all single guys to buy the calendar immediately. I would even buy one for my brother, even though I’ve already bought him Pussycat Dolls calendar.

If your girlfriends/wives’ male personal training posing half naked, parading their 6-packs in skimpy boxers, will you let the pictures of those people you know, who spend at least one hour with your spouse every week up close and personal, gracing your kitchen?

Note: I can predict what’s gonna happen. After seeing the half-naked barmaid ad above, most guys actually will ring Bart to order the calendar and wouldn’t even bother to read my posting…. Typical!


  1. Anonymous says:

    lovely ! wonder if the barmaids will be as nice and flirty to a malaysian malay male as they are to a ‘bule’, not that i resent it. i just might go and check it out my next visit to jakarta.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i am that first anonymous commenter. i just read unspun’s blog of oct4, 2006 and read from the comments that ‘bule’ could possibly be a racist word. i am so sorry if i offended anybody.i am no racist. i thought it is like the word’mat salleh’ that we use in malaysia to fondly refer to the caucasians and other melanin-challenged individuals.

  3. Nit,

    How about you put up my poster instead? whahahahaha…

    You won’t miss me that much if you have my poster somewhere in your house 😛

  4. aroengbinang says:

    it’s the way we see and sense it jeng…, things can be quite complicated or so simple…, unfortunately we can’t be too independent or that liberal, sometimes.

  5. Hiyya… if you put my picture in a calender they’re also drooling same like you. But they will say “WOW” watta small that she has on her chess, hahahahahaha (^_^)

  6. I don’t understand the concept of having your barmaid half-naked calendar. What is the message Bart trying to say? Something along, “Come here, we have sexy barmaids that you might hook up with”? or “we also serve these girls”?

    But I suppose everybody is having a good time with the calendar so it can’t be bad!

  7. Marc Neilson says:

    Hi Anita, thanks for your last comment on our blog. Looks like my blog is the antithesis of yours! I was so pleased to see this latest blog of yours about the Eastern Promise/Bugil girls etc. calendar. You should be pleased to know that De Hooi now does a “Japanese Night” every tuesday which means lots of little skirts and pony tails. It’s a sick world eh heheheh.

  8. So do the barmaids provide extra services to customers?

  9. I saw that calender, and I like it, some of it got an artistic shot and good angle. And it is a matter of choice if the girls want to do it. Why do we- as the spouse- must worried too much, or is it just the insecure feeling. But what the heck, dont make life more complicated with this measily things.

  10. (I wonder why there are many comments using anonymous names, hmmm).

    @Anonymous 1: Barmaids will be nice and flirty if you’re generous giving tips.

    @Anonymous 2: Extra service will be provided if you provide more tips and become a regular who brings oleh-oleh upon your return from business trips. Being cute doesn’t hurt either.

    @Last anonymous:
    I saw that calender, and I like it, some of it got an artistic shot and good angle. And it is a matter of choice if the girls want to do it.

    I saw it too. No half-naked pic of Dina though, surprisingly. I never judged the barmaids/models. If I want to, it could lead to a totally different discussion. I won’t respond your comment about the aesthetic sides either since I never mentioned about it in the first place.

    Why do we- as the spouse- must worried too much, or is it just the insecure feeling.

    I’m not worried. It’s nothing to do with insecurity either. Having local barmaid posing half naked is different from having FHM calendar up on the kitchen.

    Ask your husband/boyfriend if he allows you to put his cutest male staff’s half naked picture up on your kitchen, showing his 6-packs, wearing tight boxer. I asked several male friends, and 9 out 10 answered: “Hell, no!!” Talk about equality, eh.

    But what the heck, dont make life more complicated with this measily things.

    Whose life? Yours? I firmly believe that being critical is important, that all concerns should be heard and respected, and hopefully, the decision made will have benefits for everybody, not only one party.

  11. Why anonymous, I think it is because the way this blog is designed in the “Pilih sebuah identitas”? Because at one point I was confused a well (but because I’m a bit slow in the brain).

    I haven’t been to Bugil’s for a while but a friend of mine, an expat, once told me which one is a “working woman” and which one isn’t. The calendar may be a good ‘menu’ for advertisment. You know, in restaurants you see pictures and displays of the food before you order?

    As for placing half naked guys/gals on the wall, I guess it is a matter of where you are in the human stage. Remember the Maslow Theory?

    If you are invited to someone’s house, you check out what sort of books she/he reads. If I see the Bugil’s calendar or FHM poster in someone’s kitchen or hallway towards the bathroom, or a “Man of The Year” Cosmopolitan guy’s poster, I can sort of tell what kind of things are going on in his/her mind.

    Usually college guys, people that works in the field for weeks have half naked pictures on their rooms. Mang2 di pasar tradisional and truck drivers have them too. Because no or postponed access to sex (?). Understandable. I remember having a picture of John Taylor from Duran2 and fantasize about him when I was 16.

    If the posters/pictures can help them outletting their hormones (i.e. sperms, that’s a good thing, I think :)

    Merry Christmas!

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