7 Links Challenge

Problogger’s 7 Link Challenge is an interesting idea, which main goal is to create a list post that highlights some of the posts in our archives to new readers that links out to another blog.

So although it’s a wee bit too late, I’d still like to get involved and here is what I have so far:

My first post

I remember it vividly. My blog started because of this post, because of this person. Maybe I should thank her after all, for being such an inspiration…. The post is about my (ex) best co-worker who had an affair with a married man who was also a vendor for my project. It’s a messy love affair, but strangely I ended up losing her as my friend, not the other way around. Three years later I bumped into her and her lover again, and the incident inspired the same post, part 2. Read Certain Friendships Don’t Last Forever Part 1 and Part 2.

Posts I enjoyed writing the most

That is a hard task. I am not sure I have one particular favourite post but I know I made myself look so silly in A Bad Hair Day 1 and A Bad Hair Day 2. The story was all true, the bruises were all painful, and the embarrassment was really unbearable. But at least, I’ve managed to resurface, alive. There is another post that I enjoyed writing it as well, called Oh Indonesia, Oh Valet, which was finished in less than 2 hours because I was so furious and frustrated after dealing with the idiots wearing security guard uniforms in the building.

Posts which had great discussions

That would be the posts about Caucasian men dating Indonesian women. The topic became something that not just I, but also several other bloggers too, wrote about at the same time and triggered cross-discussions, cross-blogs. It was hot and intense, maybe because it’s something that is so close to home and very personal to everybody, and all the heated debates, arguments, back-and-forth comments and private emails was something that rarely happens nowadays in the (Indonesian) blogosphere. I miss it!

A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written

I am not sure I have something on my mind yet.  I’ve got several favourite bloggers but my favourite topics and posts switch from time to time, depends on what interest me at the moment, and right now, I’m like this post from Seen the Elephant blog: Is America the Strangest Country of All?

My most helpful posts

Since I don’t normally write tips and tricks, I don’t have many candidates for this category. I could only think of Travel With Dignity post, which lists several things we could prepare so we wouldn’t be embarrassed for having smelly feet during the x-ray check up at the airport, for example. Another one is a list about how to maintain a peace when our partner is a football junkie as opposed to us, normal human beings.

Posts with titles that I am proud of

Whoa, with almost 300 posts, it’s a bit difficult to choose one. I guess Me and Them, A(n Almost) Lesbian Story would be one, because right after I published this post my blog traffic just shoot up!

Posts that I wish more people had read

I think The Fake Trade is a post that I wish people pay more attention to, as the documentary with the same title managed to freak me out big time. Fake handbags is one thing, but fake medicine can kill us!  There are other two posts I think worth to mention. Without Prejudice is about how we perceive each other and the perception is shaped by many things, like background and religion, so seeing a man with a face full of tattoo can be scary as it’s indication that he’s dangerous, probably in drugs, or someone who uses force or loses temper easily. But for Maori people, it’s symbol of honour. Because being an expat means I constantly encounter certain prejudice from others, as well as having my own against them, there is a continuous process to remind myself that people are influenced by many things, so I shouldn’t judge them or be offended too quickly. Table Manners – Eating Without Prejudice is actually a very good example of people’s different perception. Dutch wouldn’t feel necessary to say please and thank you as much as British. British think Americans are too loud. Indonesians can wave at waiters, but in Britain we have to use eye contacts.

There, I finish my 7 Links Challenge. How about you?


  1. Oh my you still managed to do this on vacay? Standing ovation, girl! 😀 Will go to check your links.

  2. @Maureen: Haven’t you heard, she’s the OTHER energiser bunny :)
    I’m checking out some of these posts – I think I have read most of them. I recall at one stage actually catching up/backtracking your posts from the oldest ones, as they were superbly interesting to read.
    Miss Lai Lai recently posted…On What a Cool Boss Should beMy Profile

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