A Bad Hair Day (2)

OK, I must accept the fact that everyone thinks my new hairstyle is ugly (read about my embarrassing experience here).


It was a brutal truth, delivered none other than the hair god company, L’Oreal, which office fit-out project I am managing at the moment. And my friends, of course.

Half-panicking and super annoyed, I called my hairstylist and told him bluntly what everybody thinks. After all, I’ve paid a lot of money to get this done, and he’s responsible for it, right?

He took the criticism from those biggest cosmetics company people really seriously and summoned me to meet him pronto, so he could see what I’ve done to my hair until everyone says it’s a mess. When he saw me, he believed the cutting is alright, the curl is fine, and the problem is just how I styled it. He said I styled it wrong, I should have put the foam so the hair will look shiny and half wet, and dry and tired.

I learned a few tricks from him so I could practice them at home. And last Friday, self esteem boosted, I went to the project site – the new L’Oreal office. While standing on the reception area, the meeting room door was open and the President Director of the company got out from it. He smiled to me, and offered a handshake.

“Congratulations!” he said. His grin got bigger and he looked rather cheeky.

Obviously confused, I asked, “For what, Sir?”

I mean, the project isn’t finished. It’s going to be in the next few days but I’m sure he wouldn’t congratulate me just yet!

He pointed at my head and said, “Your hair color!”

Then he laughed, out loud, turned around on his heels and left me standing alone, too stunned to say anything. The receptionist, who was sitting not even 2 meters away from us, pretended not to hear anything. I could (barely) hear her snorted. Probably she was trying to stifle her laugh. Or maybe I was just being paranoid.

The General Manager of the hair division, who’s going to move to India soon, came into the office and stopped when he saw me. We talked about his new office, which he wouldn’t be sitting in for long. He’s not satisfied with a few things, but when he’s talking about it, he didn’t look directly at my eyes, but rather look at slightly above me, at my hair.

After a few minutes he obviously couldn’t stand any longer.

“I think your curl is quite lucu,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. This guy has been living in Indonesia for 5 years so he could speak Indonesian quite fluently, with a thick British accent. Lucu, in bahasa Indonesia means cute. But it also means funny. And at that point I wasn’t sure which one he was referring to.

“Right, dear?” he poked one of his staffs who was busy filling in a form for her boss. “What do you think of Anita’s hair? It’s lucu, ya.”

The girl nodded quietly, didn’t even bother to lift her head up.

Before I said something witty back, he already fired off some more questions about the major modification for his office.

I don’t know what else to say…..

Of course, these people are the best in their industry. They have seen the worst and the best. They deal with beauty everyday. They have like 50 major brands, which names we are so familiar with. Hell, their products are used on every most beautiful people in the planet. Their advertisement are full of gorgeous girls like Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and so on. You take all magazines in the world and their advertisement are placed in every 5 pages.

How can I reach their highest standard? I work in a construction industry, for God’s sake!

I wouldn’t be able to turn up at the project site with a perfect coiffed hair every day. I simply have no time to do that. My mind is full of everything else, like making sure the project is finished on time. None of my workers care about whether my hair is curly or straight or red, or chopped, or frizzy or oily. My bosses would not pay attention to my hair, as long as I turn up in my office attire and don’t have a shocking pink hair color or bald haircut.

Although this whole incident has hurt my confidence, after all, this whole thing is actually not really important to me. I’m sure I could survive another bad hair day. My hair will eventually grow longer, or if I really can’t stand it, if it’s really, really ugly, I could get my hairstylist to straighten it back.

What important is when I got an email from the President Director, saying thank you for the hard work I and my team have shown until they could move to their new office in time and meet their quality standard (I was lucky he didn’t mention my hair in his email!). What important is that these people believe in me and my team, that we could and would deliver the project to them as per their requirement. With or without bad hair!

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