A Penguin’s Good Life

Post Script Friday 5 Sept 08: According to my statistic, yesterday alone I have got almost 500 visitors after I posted this article. Maybe because Olav was so popular? Or maybe they thought there was something kinky about penguin? I don’t know. Nevertheless, I’m beyond thrilled! It was once in a life time experience, having 500 people reading my ramblings. Thanks, guys!
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Sir Nils Olav is a King Penguin living in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the mascot and Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard. Nils was visited by the Norwegian King’s Guard on the 15 August 2008 and awarded a knighthood. The honour was approved by the king of Norway, King Harald V. During the ceremony a crowd of several hundred people joined the 130 guardsmen at the zoo to hear a citation from King Harald the Fifth of Norway read out, which described Nils as a penguin “in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood”.[1]

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Nils Olav has been an honorary member and mascot of the Norwegian King’s Guard since 1972, when a member of the Norwegian King’s Guard adopted the lucky penguin after visiting Edinburgh Zoo. The proud penguin was on his best behaviour throughout most of the ceremony, but shortly before the ritual was concluded and possibly suffering a bout of nerves he was seen to deposit a discreet white puddle on the ground. Next time I visit Edinburgh Zoo, I’d make sure to visit Olav. I wonder if Olav will be invited to royal family event? You know, like wedding and stuff. What does he have to wear? A penguin suit? But he’s already a penguin!





  1. Wish I had the honor, Sir Toni Wahid … hmmm what do you think ? :)
    Interesting story, btw.

    Tonis last blog post..Artistik tapi kurang menghargai karya seni lokal

  2. At least the Norwegians (including their king!!) are not taking life too seriously, and are enjoying a bit of fun!!:)

    S Ns last blog post..Scottish Built Heritage: Who Has The Last Say?

  3. LOL that’s funny, but at least the Norwegians are respect to whom ever do a good service to them :)

    eckys last blog post..Single vs Istri Kedua

  4. Cute, Sir Olav was at least dressed appropriately for the occasion :)

    Elyanis last blog post..The world revolves around … Suneo

  5. LOL…the penguin is sooo adorable… yeah it makes me think too if he ever gets invited to wedding or important events hahaha

  6. it seems like the penguin is acting like a commander of the squad 😀
    watching every soldier one by one…

    dang, i become curious.. if Norwegian has this penguin to be the ambassador, then Indonesian??

  7. Toni: amen. Please invite me to your royal high tea :)

    SN: yeah, I wish I was there to watch Olav being knighted. Were you there?

    Ecky: umm don’t think Olav has done anything to the country except for being a mascot, nevertheless his last title was “Colonel-In-Chief”.

    Elyani: yeah, hilarious.

    Ivy: he only needs a bow tie. Very practical, eh.

    TopiQue: oh it should be funny if Norway decides to appoint Olav to be the ambassador for Indonesia. Now imagine that SBY must shake hands with Olav. LOL

  8. Wow, that’s huge number.
    But it’s worth, the Olav post was incredible.
    At least it shows how Norway respect their Colonel-In-Chief.

    Its Hilarious Anita

    tere616s last blog post..How Boyish or Girlish You Are

  9. hahahaha i’ve never heard about this penguin before….
    penguin is adorable creature, if i’m not wrong penguin only have one partner for sex in their entire life.

    Indah Sitepus last blog post..Love What You Do, Do What You Love

  10. Coucescou made his dog an army general or something. pretty cool for a dog to be an officer. the soldiers must salute him. Then he was killed along with his master during the thing in Rumania.

    treespotters last blog post..The Murder of Mr. Brightside

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