A Quick Update About This Blog

With the help of an amazing lady, I have moved the hosting of this blog last week. There has been some hiccups still, but hopefully everything can be sorted out very soon. At the moment I’ve been busy choosing the new layout, and I’m getting a new logo. A total makeover, that is! So I’m sorry if the appearance of this blog is still messy, I’m doing my best to get this done asap.

Sadly, when I was busy moving the hosting provider, I’m being ‘punished‘ by Indonesia Matters, and my blog was taken off of the list. It’s always been in the Top 100 since IM decided to build a list of Indonesian’s most popular blogs. I’m gutted, but Patung promises he (or she? I can never tell) will put my blog back on the list soon. I’m waiting!

Will come back with some more stories when everything has been sorted.

Thank you for your patience!


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