A Little Bit About Finally Woken


Welcome to Finally Woken.

I’m Anita, the owner and administrator of this personal blog. Since November 27th, 2009, I have been living in Perth, Australia, which will be my home for the next 3 years. Or more. Before Perth, I had lived in Scotland for more than 2 years. Before Scotland, I spent almost a decade in Indonesia. Before Indonesia, I was in Sydney. And before Sydney, I was in Indonesia, born and bred in two different cities.

 I started this blog as a personal diary in April 2005 in friendster (remember back in the days before facebook was invented?), with a handful of readers – mainly my friends – and initially I posted a lot about relationships, either dating and marriage, or friendships.

Gradually, when I moved to Scotland in 2007, the blog then evolved and has become what it is now today: one part culture shock moment story collection, one part travel journey, and one part life in general.

This blog consists of those above-mentioned topics which are divided into 3 sections:

  • Expat Stuff, which is divided into 3 parts:
    • Expat in Australia – stories about my current posting until…God knows when
    • Expat in Scotland – stories about my previous posting in Aberdeen, Scotland
    • Expat in Indonesia – stories about my expat friends back in Indonesia
  • Indonesian Stuff, which is divided into:
    • Indonesian Expat – stories about Indonesians who live abroad
    • Being Indonesian – story about Indonesian people in general
  • Lifestyle, the biggest section, which covers:
    • Beauty & fashion
    • Culture (entertainment, film, music, art, books, TV & radio, theater, opera, dance, photography)
    • Food (restaurant reviews, foreign food adventure, etc)
    • Gadgets, Technology & Social Media
    • Life (friendships, dating & marriage, religions)
    • Health (diet & fitness, wellbeing)
    • Home & Decor
    • Travel
    • Women

Random Facts About Me

By trade I’m a project manager for commercial fit-out/construction projects. Even though I have to go to project sites with safety hat and boots, in the office I would still be walking around with at least 5-inches shoes. That’s why my motto is “boots by day, stilettos by night”! I’m currently taking a break from work and enjoying my life as a trailing spouse and a lady of leisure!

I really love traveling, and I’ve been to 21 countries so far. Strange enough, I haven’t been to 2 continents: America and Africa. My goal is to visit 50 countries before I turn 50, which is still a looooong time from now, but I’ve got to be prepared, right? My travel notes are compiled in the new website I’ve just created: http://www.keluar-negeri.com, which is in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). Please visit it if you have time.

I love cats since as long as I can remember. However, my dad doesn’t – he’s had a traumatic experience growing up with sisters and one in particular had 15 cats and they were out of control, stealing food from dining table and so on, so dad never likes cats. But I could be very persistent, so I smuggled a kitten into my bedroom when I was 16, and when my parents found out, they finally gave up and we suddenly had a pet. Guess I’m lucky that I met mr.mck who likes cats too. In fact he’s got a cat named Tilly, now 15 years-old (that’s 105 years-old in human age!) and is living with my father in-law in Scotland. I wanted to bring her to Perth but she’s too old and fragile, and honestly we’re afraid she’s going to be attacked or eaten by snakes in Australia. Then in 2010 we adopted a 7 week-old cat called Xander, and he’s been the master of the house since.


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Thanks for being here, and best regards from Perth, the most isolated city in the world!