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Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago states (17,508 islands), the world’s 4th most populous country (234 millions), and the most populous Muslim-majority nation. It’s located in the South East Asia (although people in Britain keeps saying Far East), with Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Australia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor as neighbors. It was colonized by the Dutch for over 350 years, several years by the Brits, and 3 years by the Japanese, before it declared its independence in 1945.

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Over 8 millions people live in the city although rumour has it that it bears another 3 millions commuters on daily basis to work. Although it is a so-called a metropolitan city, Jakarta is more like a giant village where everybody knows everybody, and it still provides shocking moments, which I compile here.

Bali is usually more famous than Indonesia, known as a paradise island and a tourist destination. Lombok is another destination with its komodo dragon as the main attraction, and I have recently discovered that the island offers gorgeous pearls, both from sea water and fresh water. Yogyakarta and Central Java offer breathtaking sights, where they are surrounded by Mount Merapi, Borobudur and other temples, the famous Javanese carved furniture from Jepara, and several kingdoms (still) rule the areas.

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