After 5 Years of Blogging…

I hardly look back and re-read my posts. But since I’m planning to move from my current hosting provider – and I have to do it by myself, I decided to back all my posts up into my computer. Then before I knew it, I started reading every single post.

Surprisingly, I found the experience pretty intense. Because when I started writing for my first blog, I intended it to be my diary, my personal journal, and I didn’t even think anyone would read it (who would’ve thought I could get 600 readers a day now? It’s insane!). So my blog is my life, and all is out there, shared with the world, and I can’t take it back. Over the years though, rather than talking about me, me, and me, I write about more general topics. But personal rants are still dominating it. My life, literally, is an open book.

Up until now, I am still, and always, surprised (and humbled at the same time) that there are people out there, rather than my friends, family, and my fellow bloggers, who read my blog.  A virtual friend and I were chatting the other day, which is something we do every 3 or 6 months, and I was surprised that he follows my blog. I don’t know that he knows I have a blog. And what freaked me out the most was when he mentioned a fact that he remembers my mother used to work for a local newspaper. It is something that I wrote gazillion years a go in one of my postings, and he remembers it! Yesterday one of my cousins pinged me and wanted to share my Vaguebooking post with his other friends. And a guy I used to date briefly, whom I lost contact forever, sent me email a few weeks a go and said he’s been following my blog. How on earth he’s got this information, I have no idea.

So yes, it’s been 5 years, can you believe it? I’ve been blogging for 5 years. My first posting, Certain Friendships Don’t Last Forever (1), was published in April 9th, 2005. A lot has had happened ever since. And I am glad I am still here writing. For myself and for whoever cares enough to read my posts.

Apart from my first posting, here are several other stats and facts about my blog:

  • I have written 270 posts up to date.
  • My most productive year was 2008, I had 122 posts alone for the year.
  • My most productive month was February 2008, I had 15 posts for the month. I am not Rob, who could publish tens of posts in a day, so I took 15 posts a month as an achievement!
  • I only have missed 4 months in the entire 5 years, in which I didn’t publish a single post, one in 2005, one in 2006, two in 2007. Which means I have posted at least one post a month since 2008 non-stop. I’m not saying that all of them are worth to read, though. Some of them are totally dull I wish I never had published it!
  • The post that landed me in hot water was definitely about Caucasian vs. Indonesian Men.
  • I have been a subject of personal attack by another blogger twice. One via (comments on) another blog, and one via a social network (the second attacker didn’t have the courage to talk about it openly and instead chose to cowardly publish a rant in facebook).
  • I might be the only blogger who has done cross-country bloggers’ gathering, as I have done it many times in Indonesia, and I have done it once in Rotterdam, NL. Come to think of it, I should gather Indonesian bloggers here in Perth, I am sure there are many!
  • The logo of my blog is created by another blogger, Therry, in 2008. She said the sketch is based on herself. So if you want to see how she looks like when she’s naked, you can take a look at my blog logo!
  • Since I am not a celeb-blogger, I’m always excited to find myself in papers. The last time was February this year in Jakarta Globe where the writer, a fellow blogger, kindly took some years off of my age. I have no complaint at all, of course!
  • My favourite posts are A Bad Hair Day (1), A Bad Hair Day (2) and Tantrum Injury: A Massage Experience in Saigon because those were my least fortunate moments. I’m never naturally funny but my misery had made the posts funny enough to make readers giggle.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and I have no intention to stop. Hopefully I would still can write something interesting and worth enough to read from time to time. Thank you everybody!


  1. Guillaume says:


  2. Over 50 mind tickling posts a year, five years at a stretch: Lady Finally Woken you’re the top.

  3. Guillaume: you know I was talking about you!:)

    Colson: Thank you Colson. I was surprised when I realised it’s been 5 years. It’s been a good 5 years, definitely!

  4. That sillhouette is definitely not based on me, it’s based on your hot sexy alter ego! just look at that long cascading hair!!! 😉
    .-= therry´s last blog ..For The Love of Dog =-.

  5. kutuloncat says:

    Congratulation Anita. Thank you for all your time & effort to share to the cyber world.
    Honestly I’m not a good writer nor blogger, so my only option is to be a good reader.. ha3.
    My favorit blog from you is when you wrote about religion, i think back in 2008. It was fun to read & to share.
    Keep on writing, warmth wishes from North Pole

  6. Well, I’ve read you less than five years, so, you’re not as ‘old’ as you think you are.
    For some reason, this seems to be important to girls.
    I met you through Treespotter and Rob. (something about bras…I dunno)
    I do know some who stopped for a while. I know others who have stopped.
    Jeanie and I are pretty sure we’ll never quit.
    We like the blogs stuff.
    Be good, and remember Will Roger’s…”We’re only here a short while. Get all the good laughs you can.”
    .-= boneman´s last blog ..Two of the World’s Bravest People, Neither Honored by their own country and in fact, Denied =-.

  7. Kutuloncat: thank you very much. I must admit it gets harder though to find a topic worth to write as it seems I’ve written about everything. How’s North Pole treating you?

    Boneman: I remember our first meeting, it’s about breasts, not bras (big difference!). Since then I’ve been one of your silent (or more frequently stunned) reader!

  8. Congratulations! Keep on writing.

  9. You’re one heck of a blogger and one of my inspiration figure! 😀 Congrats on your milestones!
    Maureen recently posted…7 Things I Learned From Sex and The CityMy Profile

  10. sudah 5 tahun bergelut di blog sangat berpengalaman pastinya.
    ilmucts recently posted…Hosting Flash dan Photo GratisMy Profile

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