American I-Dull

I am embarrassingly watching American Idol now. I have never been a fan, and only saw the show on and off, if it happens to be on telly, but since a few weeks a go I decided to tape it so I wouldn’t miss it (people in Indonesia would not be familiar with Sky TV; but in short, I could program the telly to record the show or the series, and I could pause the live show if I need a toilet break, it’s like Tivo in the US).

I don’t really follow the whole show history. I only know Kelly Clarkson and Daughtry. I certainly don’t remember who won the contest last year, let alone 2 years a go. I rarely watch the show up until the Top 12 anyway.

And then yesterday when I was watching the show, I got so annoyed with Ryan Seacrest, the host. Few years a go I thought he was ok, very confident and commanding the stage and the show which is watched by millions of people. It’s not an easy job (my mum was a local TV presenter gazillion years a go and she was criticized on daily basis, from the size or her necklace, to the blazer that she wore more than once, from the way she did her hair, and the number of her wrinkles – hence she had to tape her own daily news show so she could self-criticize herself. I know, bizarre). But having seen Ryan hosting the 2008 Emmy Awards (with a lame joke of guessing Eva Longoria’s shoes) and then watching him at the E! 2008 Oscar Red Carpet (where he couldn’t handle the situation when Gary Busey took over for a few minutes), I started to think that he is a control freak, lack of improvisation skill, and a t***.

I don’t mind with the judges, although I think Paula is dull with her never-ending compliments even to the worst singer. Like most girls, I like Simon Cowell (who, funnily enough – despite known for being unsparingly blunt and delivering controversial criticisms, insults, and wisecracks about contestants and their singing abilities, or lack thereof – doesn’t own a personal website. Unlike Ryan with his glorified website and self declaration as a ‘triple threat in Hollywood’ – blimey).

Then I realized another thing, that the whole surprise is gone because you would know who will be gone by their seating position. If 4 people stand up, the first two must have been safe, and there is only either A or B left. D’oh.

ill I keep watching the show? Of course! It’s the only show I could wind Stuart up, so whenever he puts sports channel on I could bargain that if he continues watching the show, he has to watch AI with me. That should be effective enough for him to find ‘neutral’ show for both of us…


  1. I used to be a big fan of AI, but since Sam couldn’t stand to watch that show so I have to be happy with just checking on for any update.

    But I do enjoy more on the audition episodes though, much more entertaining.

  2. My wife has a thing for Ryan Seacrest, she has terrible taste…no wait, oh, never mind.

  3. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you! Can’t stand Ryan either. Overall, the show is ok. Some of the talents are extremely good.

  4. What I still can’t understand is why was Paula Abdul chosen to be one of the judges?

    She can’t sing! If you listen to her singing “Rush! Rush!” (or whatever the hell it’s called), she sounded so much worse than those contestants she was judging!

    But perhaps that was the reason why she was so nice? Maybe she dreaded the day when one contestant go, “What are you on about? You can’t even sing better than me!!! I’d rather Mariah to judge me, at least she can pull on some high notes!”


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