And Life Has Just Begun

I’ve been living in Perth for almost 2 months now, but it’s already felt like forever. Slowly but sure mr.mck and I begin to adjust with the new life in our new adopted city. We have finally moved to our home last month and although our stuff from Scotland hasn’t arrived yet, the rental furniture make the house quite feel like home. We have finally connected to the internet, as well as cable TV. The first is a key to my happiness, and the later is definitely for mr.mck catching up with his football stuff and switching channels-exercise. We start finding our way around, and I feel that driving in Perth is definitely easier than driving in Aberdeen. I also start making friends with fellow Indonesian ladies, and have met a few since last week. Turns out I have a so-called cousin living here but it seems like she is either very busy or her concept of replying text messages is… err…, somewhat different, so I wouldn’t be meeting her anytime soon. Maybe someday, but definitely not this time.

I’m still shocked to find the price here, though. Seems like everything is more expensive than UK. Our biggest complaint would be the price of booze. My second complaint would be shopping in general. On Boxing Day sale I bought some stuff from Karen Millen, and the price with 40% discount is still a wee bit more expensive than the retail price in UK. I bought handbag hooks for my friends back in Indonesia, and the exact same thing the sell in UK is sold 3 times more here.

Heat is also something difficult to adapt to. Several days last week felt like hell, but for some reason last Saturday mr.mck and I thought it would be great to be a tourist for a day and catch a ferry down to Fremantle – which takes an hour from the jetty – rather than driving (which takes 25 minutes). It was a big mistake, the temperature was 42 degree Celsius and we were melting away. I think our bodies are still in Scotland time, because it looks like everybody also complains about the heat, but they look fine! I even saw an Asian girl wearing black cardigan in such weather! I, on the other hand, was only able to walk for 5 minutes, before feeling dehydrated or out of breath, and had to stop to drink. But on good days, like yesterday, when the wind blows cool breeze and the temperature isn’t insane, I am very grateful to find myself sitting outside the café. It’s a luxury in Scotland, even in summer!

My feet, however, definitely still think they’re in Scotland! Until now I can’t even wear peep-toe shoes, as my feet will protest and start sweating when it is above 30C. This is not the first time my feet do their own thinking. When I moved back to Jakarta after living in Sydney for a couple of years, they did the same thing. It will take a while for my feet to adjust. For now, I can’t do anything about it, so I get around wearing sandals.

Being in Perth of course has some advantages. It’s pretty close to Indonesia, and that’s why we’re going back next Thursday for a short holiday. I am excited to meet my friends and family again, to party, to eat great food, and to stock up my sandals collection!


  1. Can’t wait to meet you in person yeehaw!
    Good to hear that you guys are settling in and taking your time in doing so. Oh my 42 degrees are hotter than Jakarta. I feel you on that feet thingy, mine did the same thing and since I am a mommy (and flat sandals/shoes is a must!) sometimes I had to wonder how on earth the women here have the ability to walk in malls with their killer heels esp if they’re closed toes!
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Home – Writer Workshop’s Assignment =-.

  2. Me too, looking forward to meet you and other bloggers! I thought I was the only one with time different zone-feet but glad someone else has it too LOL. Walk in heels needs practice, and a good pair of shoes!

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