And The Music Takes It All

It’s been a painful week, basically: mentally, physically, spiritually. Practically avoided 3 dimensional human being and ignored phone calls and texts and only did a one way communication through faceboook, which isn’t really communication but over-sharing tool. Funny that we could decide not to tell anything while at the same time reveal everything. Decided to go all the way with plurk, twitter, and ping. Maybe I will follow Tree‘s step to create a porn-self. It was fun for a while.

Life goes on and it was decided on Wednesday although it will take forever to heal the wound. Funny that something that is not even real can mean so much more than anything in the world. The world stopped spinning and the heart stopped beating and for a while the room seemed much smaller than before. Didn’t even know how to start but the grief forced to be noticed so nothing else to do but curled up and embraced it.

For no reason jumped into a mission of finding a song which tune has been bugging for days. Remember the video clip but never paid attention to it since it was lame but tonight it was a holy search. Video clip memory didn’t help because still needs band and title, or at least some part of lyrics. Google still cannot find things by humming, have made a note to self to send a suggestion so they could develop some tool to hear, not just to read.

So tried to type ‘one hit wonder’ and after hours found that the bug was East 17’s Stay Another Day. Very ironic because whatever that was it decided to not stay for another minute and said goodbye early this week. Bah.

After a bottle of wine and hundreds of calories, The Killers asked if we are human or dancers and for a second I thought the were asking about me. I wondered if Chris Martin ever takes a shower because he always seems to overdue in hygiene department although it doesn’t stop Gwyneth Paltrow and other millions of fans to adore him. I’m lost in Lost! (don’t forget the exclamation point) together with Jay-Z. Suddenly remember the very first crush was George Michael when the picture of him in white underpants in the shower graced “Hai” magazine about 20 years a go. Him, and Bon Jovi, of course. All loooked so well groomed. Not like Chris Martin. Does being enviromentally friendly mean to grow 5-o’clock shadow to be 5-weeks old shadow?

Sick of Katy Perry’s I Kissed The Girl tune, because, honestly who hasn’t? But only her who boasts to the entire world about it and now it is a big deal again. Funny that Beyonce thought to undergo a sex change operation because she wondered if she was a a boy. Maybe she wanted to kiss Katy Perry. The Script’s Breakeven and Take That’s Greatest Day were in every channel and I couldn’t tell the difference. The first thought by wearing leather jacket and real mic means they’re more tough. I enjoy the songs though. Rihanna thought I should live my life and Kanye West instructed to keep the love locked down, but he’s always in holier-than-thou mode and no one dares to tell him that his glasses are so ugly. I don’t understand why Kanye is such a big hit even himself thought he wasn’t worthy to receive the MTV award and said Lil Wayne was better. But that before he punched some paparazzi.

St. Andrew’s Ball will be a good thing because it pushes nice dress to be out of closet and mindset to be at anything but that. Maybe there will be panic at the disco. It’s almost 4 AM and I should get some rest and try to look good tomorrow tonight.

Update November 22:

Forgot to mention the most anticipated Guns N’ Roses‘ new album: Chinese Democracy, which is already banned in China. One newspaper gave 2.5 (out of 5, I guess) for the album, but I think after 17 years there is too much expectation on Axl. The fact that it is just him without Duff, Izzy and Slash slips from everybody’s mind. It’s Axl and the band, not Guns N’ Roses. It’s not the same. But it would be a great choice for Christmas gift though. That, and a Prada bag.


  1. I’m humming with you, sending you love from Jakarta.. Big kiss and hug :-*

    Eckys last blog post..Well pardon me for having big boobies!

  2. Mbak Anita, hopefully everything is and will be ok with you :)
    Time (and most definitely music) will surely help to heal all …

    Reading the post I remember this one song from some all star artist in the nineties, let the music heal your soul … end up looking at the video from youtube :)

    Rishardanas last blog post..Of Doodling

  3. yes, have tried twitter. was indeed fun, for a while. 2 days, that is.

    try to stay away from coldplay (no matter how appealing chris martin is) because listening to brit-pop could be depressing. no offense, I am actually a bit of a “brit-pop whore” as I was born a (certified) masochist. and I love chris martin, and would love to wear one of his white tees (used, off course) to bed. and would love to wash in his old bath water.

    to turn the mood around, try listening to something like P!NK’s ‘so what’. I was driving alone the other night (last saturday night to be exact), after not speaking to my boyfriend the whole day, and I screamed my eyes out the “I’m having more fun!” bit while not moving an inch (weekends in Bandung is like pfft~). it helps. because, well, being delusional is fun.

    anyways,, this post of yours reminds me of”taxi driver” by gym class heroes. the song is, well, actually about nothing. it’s just they’re attempt of connecting band names. it’s amusing, go google ;p

    PS. I do hope you’ve passed the emotional state you were in when you wrote this post.

    yoanityas last blog post..dear, me.

  4. kutuloncat says:

    Anita, Axl is a big LOSER… he pretend as if he is the star of the Guns…
    Well he was actually until he started to pissed off everyone including his own buddy Slash.
    The rest of the names your mentioned… I really have no idea who they are…
    I guess it’s just me whose being silly stuck inside my own little idiotic world…

  5. Ecky: thank you v much my dear

    Rish: I think I know the song you mentioned!

    Yoanitya: sick of Pink too, it’s everywhere! We have like 30 music channel and every single one plays Pink, or Rihanna, or Neyo. Blaah….

    Kutuloncat: Axl has attitude problem, it’s a shame because his collaboration with Slash was magnificent.

  6. kutuloncat says:

    Yep, their chemistry as a group was 3M (marvelous, magnificent, majestic… hehehe ngarang2 aja gw yah)

    Hope feeling much better now after a gloomy period last week…
    When things get tough, stay cool…
    Have a nice week !!

  7. Kutuloncat: yeah I love G n’ R, I even dared to sing “Welcome To The Jungle” at karaoke and shocked all school mates because everyone else was singing Tommy Page’s cheesy songs :P. I’m still dealing with grief but I’d get better, thank you :)

  8. I was really into “Stay Another Day” for quite some time. It was a nice song :)

    therrys last blog post..Mirror on the Wall

  9. whatever you are feeling then, I hope you are feeling better now nit *hugz*

    Ivys last blog post..ShoppinG Disaster

  10. Therry: wee bit cheesy for my liking though…

    Ivy: thanks a lot my dear


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