Guest Post: Things to Do in Bali with Children

By Jose Gil Tecson Are you looking for a great destination for a spring getaway with the kids this year? Why not consider exploring lush and beautiful Bali, Indonesia? Spring is an ideal time of the year to visit Bali as it is the dry season. Also, … [Read more...]

What Happens After 3 Years in Perth, Australia

I don't know where to begin.   We have been here for almost 3 years - time flies so quickly! - and yet, as usual, we haven't done anything. This year I've traveled to Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, UK, UAE, Belgium, and Germany, yet … [Read more...]

Indonesian Women and Small Town Mentality

I've noticed that many Indonesian women, wherever they reside, still carry 'small town mentality'. I've noticed that:   Small town mentality is: family value. It means that we are all a big happy family, that your friend is my friend. It's … [Read more...]

Two Madcap Indonesians in Weird and Wonderful Japan (2)

Japan trip part 2: A Middle Eastern club with Japanese girls in nurse outfits, Japanese girls' "dolls eyes", a visit to a cat café, and meeting with a "hugger boy".   This post is edited by ML Awanohara, and is written for and published at … [Read more...]

New Travel Blog!

I'm starting a new travel blog! The blog will be in - mainly - bahasa Indonesia and documenting my and my friends' travel experience. I started it last month in August, although I've been thinking about doing it for so long. … [Read more...]

August Monthly Roundup

I can't believe it's September already. The year 2012 has certainly been passing so quickly for me, and there is still so much to do, so many places to visit, and so many people to catch up with. … [Read more...]

Two Madcap Indonesians in Weird and Wonderful Japan (1)

Japan — the country that many Westerners have likened to Lewis Carroll’s “wonderland” for its quality of wacky unpredictability. But what about for other Asians — do they feel as displaced and disoriented there as Westerners do? This post is edited … [Read more...]

Xander: The Saga Continues…

I have mentioned about Xander the kitten, on my previous post , which also briefly detailed about how he got so sick in his first two weeks in his new adopted house. I really thought it was the worst experience having a sick pet, but I was wrong, of … [Read more...]

Introducing: Xander The Great

Love at first sight? Definitely! Xander was adopted from Cat Haven a day after my birthday. I had spent over an hour going through every cage and seeing all abandoned cats and kitens but couldn't make up my mind. There were two very gorgeous teenage … [Read more...]

Snakes in Da House

I have mentioned about our encounter with Australia's creepy crawlies on my previous post (read it here). Now I just want to talk about one specific creature: Snakes. There are real Australian people who have never seen snakes in their entire … [Read more...]