Me? Awesome?

I’m embarrassed! Lorraine tagged me in May 20th and I was supposed to do my homework and pass it along, but with the moving house and big holiday coming in, I kept postponing it and suddenly it is already mid July!

Yes, Lorraine just awarded me with the “awesome award” amongst other 6 bloggers (thank you, chez Lorraine), and now I am supposed to tell you why I consider myself awesome, or worthy to receive the awesome award, in 7 points. But just like Lorraine, I am not sure how I embrace this awesome award without sounding like I am trying to glorify myself.

However, as it would be rude not to finish my homework, here is 7 points of my so-called awesome-ness:

  1. I am definitely a girl’s girl. I love my girlfriends to bits and enjoy my girl-time with them. Some girls can be jealous and bitchy towards each other, some can fight over men or men’s attentions, but I just love hanging out with my girlfriends, gossiping and laughing until our stomachs hurt and tears rolling down our cheeks.
  2. I am easy when it comes to food. I’d eat anything, anywhere. My brother wouldn’t want to see onions in his plate. My friends always have to have rice on the side – which would be fine if you’re in Thailand, but can be a challenge in Paris. One of the girlfriends hates coriander leaves. Mr.mck doesn’t eat seafood and tomato. Me? I haven’t found something I hate. Well, pickled egg, maybe, but no sane person would eat it anyway!
  3. My brain can absorb so many things and remember most of them, my friends normally ask me about stuff they don’t know. Lindsay calls me “explanation minister” (not information minister!) as she finally understands the term ‘bistro’ after I texted her what it means. Sometimes I use it for my own benefit. I explain about something really seriously and my friends buy it… until 30 seconds later when they see me grinning from ear to ear.
  4. Gosh this is hard!
  5. I have been through stuff that most of my friends have not – and hopefully would not – endured. All just have helped me to become a better, stronger, and hopefully wiser and more humble, person. I know I am not perfect, but a) I know it and b) I learn to improve myself all the time.
  6. I have learned that the only constant is change, and I have learned to embrace and enjoy it. I cannot wait to see what’s waiting in the next corner for me and mr.mck. However, this is not a good news for my room decoration, as I can be a fan of lime green today and think purple would be better the next week!
  7. I appreciate brain over beauty. Seriously. In Abercombrie & Fitch London, where all the staffs are the perfect models of mankind with washboard stomachs and chiseled jaws, I asked one of them if he could tell me the conversion size from what normally mr.mck wears. The spiky blonde went off to ask his supervisor whether the yellow shirt I showed him would fit for mr.mck, and came back saying he didn’t know how to convert the shirt size. His glittering smile and twinkly eyes couldn’t stop me from feeling disappointed and thinking that the store is a joke, so I left in a hurry. That and I really had to pee.

There, I’ve finished it. Yes I know I cheat, a little, but at least I have managed to pinpoint 6 things out of 7. Now I know that I am supposed to pass this award along, however since it has been ages a go, I think it can stop now. But if you think you are awesome too and wouldn’t mind to share it with us, go ahead and do it!

Have a good weekend everybody!






  1. You are awesome because you are you… thanks for being such a good friend for me.. love and hugs. Eh kok gw jadi mellow gini ya kayak pelukan mengharu biru kita di pinggir jalan di Oakwood :(. Miss you, envy Dinar, Prila & Oncit hiks
    .-= Ecky´s last blog ..Cisayong Girl on The Jakarta Globe =-.

  2. Finally you did it! I know you have been busy. # 1 and # 2 are true, in this past year that I have known you, you seem to be a loyal friend to your girlfriends. Love the # 3, explanation minister…an interesting term.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    .-= Lorraine´s last blog ..Si je ne suis pas moi, qui le sera? =-.

  3. Ecky: and you! I think it’s wonderful we’re thousands of miles apart yet we’re still very close. And probably we’re going to be even “closer”! 😉

    Lorraine: Thank you for tagging me dear!

  4. You’re awesome because your writings are thought-provoking and they make me think of things in ways I’d never thought of before! Keep writing, awesome girl!
    .-= therry´s last blog ..I Am Bitching Already. =-.

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