I blame it on twitter, really. Well, twitter and the fact that I’ve had visitors coming and going since August.

Twitter has made the ideas in my head easily spilled without having to sit down, think it through, and do some research before posting it. With 140 characters every post, it is so much easier than composing a blog post. Before I knew it, I had nothing else left for my blog, it’s all in twitter.

And the never-ending visitors coming our way is another excuse. My ex colleague came a few days before I went back from Indonesia, and after she went away, Ecky and her husband came and stayed with us for a week. Then my mother came for a couple of weeks. My father might be our last visitor this year, and he is coming this weekend.

But yes, I’m back by today. I have made a promise to myself, and to a friend who’s kindly reminded me that my last post was in july 31, that I would take 2 months off and be back in October. It is the longest hiatus I’ve ever done since started blogging over 5 years a go. But I’m here, all refreshed, full of ideas, and ready to fire!

Shall we begin?


  1. Glad you could break away from twitter for a moment. It’s an addiction, isn’t it?

    I guess in the future your posts will have the size of tweets. Since you have a way with words I’m looking forward to them: they will be aphorisms of quality.

  2. Hey welcome back! I have missed your blog πŸ˜€
    Maureen recently posted…Indonesian Batik DayMy Profile

  3. Maureen: I’m still here, and will write more often from now :)

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