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I‘ve got to say that it has been a busy week for me. I had a promising lunch meeting to discuss the future of Indonesian Expatriates Forum last Friday at Cazbar. Tamara and Greg turned up after 5 and we had few drinks before decided to try our luck at Loewy.

Now, I had try to arrange a meet-up at Loewy but every time I was told that we must book the table at least two weeks in advance, a strange concept for Indonesian. But we felt quite adventurous that night and went anyway. We didn’t get a table, obviously, but we secured a good spot at the bar. After several minutes spent to look around, my impression was: boring. I don’t know why people are so into that place these days. It’s just like another hang-out place, nothing spectacular about it. Except that everybody apparently goes there. No surprise then after 20 minutes, my friends alerted me that the guy who just walked in and ordered drinks next to me was someone I probably know. I turned around and saw my ex boss. Correction, my ex-CEO. We ended up talking, and thank God, it was nothing about work. At the end we left the place about 2.30 AM, right before the waiter kicked us out. Such a long day, considering I started drinking after lunch time.

The next day I had to go back to Cazbar for another lunch meeting. Honestly, the venue decision was not my idea. I have tried to be fair and propose other several places to Therry, but she chose Cazbar (woohoo!) and of course, I wouldn’t say no: it’s my favorite hang-out place where everybody knows my name! Therry said she and Elyani would arrive at 1.00 PM and I got there at quarter to 1, immediately secured a table and ordered my lunch. Ecky arrived not long after, but I received a call from Elyani telling us they were going to be a bit late and I asked a permission whether we could have our lunches first. Luckily she allowed us, perhaps she knows that hungry ladies equals bitchy feisty ones!

Finally they arrived. Not many people could carry themselves in white trousers, but Therry looked so gorgeous in her camel colour top and white trousers. I looked at her slim long legs with envy, trying to remember when was the last time I was able to wear white trousers without revealing my love handles, and sadly I couldn’t tell when. Elyani was so calm and sweet, and just like her blog, she managed to chuckled me without warning. I remember Therry told me Elyani looks much younger than her actual age, and I can confirm that it’s very true. They walked in, sat down, and we immediately just talked and talked like we are long time friends. There was no awkward silence, there was no head scratching trying to find a new topic, there was no looking around trying to divert attention (except for calling the waitress).

It’s amazing for people who actually never meet, we could talk about practically everything. We didn’t have boundaries up to the moment we were talking about blood and murder while Therry was still eating. Poor girl. Actually we were beyond embarrassing, well at least it was me, telling everybody who has ears that The Jakarta Post’s weekender magazine (Friday, 25 July) mentioned me and my blogs in one of the articles. To be fair, the author only mentioned me in less than 5 paragraphs, and there were other people mentioned there like Merlyna, Tasa, and Andie Summerkiss, but of course it wouldn’t stop me to tell Therry how lucky she was to have a celebrity blogbuddy-turn-friend. I didn’t understand why she didn’t vomit hearing me saying all that. I’m not sure how Elyani took this, but I hope she realises that although there is some truth behind my attention-whore attitude, I’m not that vain, although I was tempted for a few seconds to tear that particular page off, scan it and post it in my blog.

The conversation was flowing effortlessly until Elyani showed her new toy and proclaimed that the lens is borrowed from Toni. Of course we must test the camera, so we posed and after that, both Therry and Ecky took turn to pose alone. Guess I’m not that vain after all, eh. If you see how good the result is, it’s because Elyani has had her magic hands working. I could use her camera to take pictures of the same objects and the result would be beyond sad.

Ecky didn’t tell me that actually she must drag me out of the restaurant around three because we had another appointment. We left the place sometimes before 5.00PM, and Therry hadn’t even had the chance to test the wifi because we were too busy talking. Maybe next time we should have a breakfast meeting instead because it’s easy to pass 4 hours without even counting.

Saturday was finished after a drink in Burgundy at Hyatt, where the waiter knows how picky I am about my wine (the last time I was there I tried at least 5 different kinds before allowing him to pour me a glass). Some vague promise to go to Blowfish but we know ourselves better. I had kept yawning since 6. I know, I know, I’m an old woman.

This could be my last post for now. I will be busy for the next couple of weeks and wouldn’t have a chance to post something worth reading. But I’ll be back for sure. In the mean time, behave yourself. And if you don’t, please e-mail me your embarrassing story, you know how much I luuvvv dirts.

If you miss me already, you could stare at our pictures at Therry’s or Elyani’s blog



  1. Xander Qruze says:

    Nice blog. I met with an ex-boss once; I wished I had your luck cause we ended up talking about how an A$% he was. he he.

  2. Finally Woken says:

    Hello Xander, thank you for stopping by. Well, we were talking about my ex-boss’ ass too last Friday. Oh, hold on, you meant a totally different thing! LOL.

  3. mypotret says:

    Looking at the picture from Elyani’s blog, you’re not even hit my age Anita. All of you are all awesome.:)
    It’s so nice to see virtual friends become real buddies and had fun together. (Toni)

  4. just saw your pic over at Ely’s blog. You look stunning!!! I almost drool over it hahaha

  5. Finally Woken says:

    @Toni: so next meet-up with you and El?

    @Ivy: Therry was drooling over Ecky. I’m jealous! πŸ˜›

  6. @Anita:

    Couldn’t help it – she was HOT! lol

    And you were looking daaamn fine in that lime dress yourself! I told Elyani that you looked even better in person and she agreed wholeheartedly πŸ˜‰

    And oh, I could get away wearing the white pants because hey had brown vertical stripes and I was wearing these wedges that made me look taller.

    Otherwise it would be hello Shamu LOL

  7. @ Therry: Are you sure that was me? I’m sure you’ve seen someone else not me :p

  8. stop denying your hotness and join the club ecky baby cuz you are a sexy beast!

  9. accordingtod says:

    ah anita, where are you going? is it going to be more than a month?
    thanks for sharing the ‘meet up’ story…

  10. Looks like Therry is flirting with Ecky behind Rima’s back..LOL!

  11. @ Therry: ok ok ok I’ll stop denying, my 800 something photos in Facebook says it all, I AM ATTENTION WHORE! LOL

    @ Elyani: Uhm.. I don’t mind sharing though πŸ˜‰

  12. Finally Woken says:

    @accordingtod: nah, just for 2 weeks max. Will be back before you know it.

    @Elyani: excuse me? Therry does it behind Rima’s back and IN FRONT OF ME! Lol.

  13. Relax my ladies, there are plenty of me to share … ;P

  14. rimafauzi says:

    girls.. i’m not the jealous type…so go ahead, enjoy my toy, as long as you play nice with
    her! πŸ˜‰

    Rima’s Playground

  15. treespotter says:

    i knew i should’ve dropped by when anita told me πŸ˜€

  16. Yustinus Sapto Hardjanto says:

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