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Two weeks had past so quickly I woke up today in Perth already. It felt like it was only yesterday I was stuck in traffic jam in Jakarta, desperately wanting to pee, in a taxi that smells like feet, helplessly looking at my watch, worrying I would be late for my appointment.

Two weeks had past so quickly and my schedule was so tight I hardly sleep, plus for  some reason, the basketball court right across my apartment window, which was normally pretty quiet except for afternoon matches, was filled with security guards who were busy huffing and puffing everyday, started before dawn and ended around seven o’clock. Loud enough to make me sweat and noisy enough to wake me up from my barely 3-hour sleep.

20931_1301919598755_1553424300_790507_3598128_nTwo weeks had past so quickly I had to look at my pictures to remember whom I have seen and met. Bloggers gathering was held on a Saturday, and it started at lunch time and wasn’t finished when I left at 6 PM. Our “land coffee” group which was initially started from 2-4 people gets bigger every time we meet I’m afraid in the next two years we are going to need to rent a ballroom. It was great to see everyone, Therry, Toni “the coffee and photography guru” Wahid, Boy, Parvita, Ivy, Devy, and ‘newcomers’ like Tatterscoops and Cn Naz. Several were unable to attend, but even that we needed a huge table for everybody and every camera we brought with us.

On my second week in Jakarta, I had the honour to meet Budi Putra in person. I barely could contain my excitement, as he is one of the celebrated Indonesian bloggers who now is the country editor for Yahoo! Indonesia. Unfortunately Unspun was unable to join us as he was celebrating his birthday. The meeting was rather brief plus I had another friend on my side who needed equal attention, so I didn’t have enough time to pick BP’s brain, but hopefully we’d meet up again when I’m back in town in the next few months, and by then I’d be ready with a very long list of questions!

Tasa Nugraza Barley contacted me when I was in Yogya, and the following weekend my face was in The Jakarta Globe – which I didn’t see it until a few days later when I was back in Jakarta and was informed by a friend who scanned the newspaper and sent it to me. I found myself in between Jeanny S. Bev and Enda Nasution, both are at the top of their games and I’m proud and humble having my tiny face grinning next to them. But apparently my “celebrity luck” just didn’t stop there. We were at my friend’s restaurant called Kedai Pelangi at one afternoon, having an informal junior high school reunion, where there was TV crew shooting upstairs. They came to see us a few minutes later and asked several of us to stand before the camera and gave a testimonial how the food taste, especially the famous pallu mara (yellow tamarind fish soup), which was really delicious I wish I could bring one portion back to Australia.

Two weeks had past so quickly I had to schedule my meetings quite strictly between lunches, coffees, dinners and drinks. One former client protested that after bravely tore down the heavy traffic to see me in one afternoon, he found out he had only 2 hours as I was having dinner with other friends after 7 PM. Some friends who dropped me off at Eastern Promise to meet mr.mck and other friends after dinner wondered if I ever sleep.

Not in Jakarta.

The picture is by Parvita.


  1. It was nice meeting you, Nit. And thanks for this post, too 😀

  2. Too bad that I can’t attend our Land Coffee lunch.
    Hopefully on your next trip we can meet … *wink..wink*
    .-= tere616´s last blog ..New Life =-.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you in person, Anita! Thank you for inviting me, not only that I got to meet you but also make new friends with other Indonesian bloggers! Btw, I second that early morning ‘ritual’ of the security guards LOL.
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Mijn Oma =-.

  4. Always fun getting together. Will see you in Bali in July?
    .-= parvita´s last blog ..On Love =-.

  5. All: the pleasure and honor are mine. I’m glad that I was able to meet you all. See you again in a few months!

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