Blast From the Past

Social networking websites certainly are on the top of the game, everybody is hooked up and cannot live without it. There has been discussion in many industries about how they could tap into this new trend and get benefits out of it. It is so powerful that HSBC had to cancel their plans to scrap interest-free overdrafts for graduate students, after thousands of them had set up a ‘wall’ in Facebook, campaigning to boycott the bank. Now mobile phone provider, Orange, try to win their customers by offering free access to Facebook and MySpace – they even air special adverts on TV just to emphasise it.

I have posted an article about how Facebook and other social networking websites can be dangerous (I’m so close to become a Scramble addict, but now put much less information on my profile). But one thing I certainly like from social networking websites is how I could find long lost friends. Last week I had a request from someone in Facebook, who, by name, didn’t ring a bell first, but by picture reminded me of someone, long time a go. Then I put one and one together and I realized that she was my neighbour. The last time I saw her probably when I was ten, so it’s been more than 20 years a go. We were exchanging some words, reminiscing good old days, and then I found out that her sister is working in the same company as my good friend Prila. Not only in the same company, but they’re like desk neighbours too. How bizarre is that? How this girl could find me, I still couldn’t recall, but we certainly are going to have a major reunion when I get back to Indonesia in mid June.

This is actually not the first time that social networking website has done something good for me. My best friend in primary school, Zanti, found me in Friendster when she was looking for her colleague-cum-friend who – get this – is my boss’ wife. We share the same first name, and Zanti incidentally clicked on my profile and realized that I am not her friend, but I am her long lost friend.

Our class in high school is about to publish a yearbook. The only reason why we still manage to keep the high spirit to produce this long overdue book, is because we have a mailing list which I created when Yahoo!Groups offered this service about ten years a go. More than usual we are quiet and busy with our own daily life, but somehow the mailing list is still up and about, and at this right moment, we have Jenny who is back to my hometown and decides to initiate the project again, and this time, it’s going to happen! It’s amazing that 15 years a go, some of our classmates had submitted the down payment for the book and how somebody somewhere still keeps the record and the money, and although there is some resentment regarding the current price of the yearbook, most of us can’t wait to see how we look like 15 years a go.

Talking about blast from the past, Fidda tagged me with the question, what age I wish to go back to. I honestly don’t know, I’ve got good moments where they are full of good memories, and I’ve got bad moments where I wish I could go back and change them. But when you change your past, it’s like opening another door and face the unknown future altogether, isn’t it? Well I’m happy with the way I am now. Maybe slightly taller and skinnier but hey, that’s a totally different issue.

And since we’re in that reminiscing mode, I have to brag here that I have watched the new Indiana Jones movie. The movie, set during the cold war, is the fourth film in the lucrative Indiana Jones franchise, and the first to hit cinemas in 19 years. The movie gets mixed reviews, but I think it’s due to high expectations and excitements from everybody. 19 years is bloody long time.

Almost as long as I have to wait for my high school yearbook….



  1. accordingtod says:

    Anita, may I inform you that your Facebook picture looks like Reza, the Indonesian singer? :p

  2. rimafauzi says:

    no way din, anita is waaaaaaaaay hotter than reza. lol

    so what age i want to back to? 10.
    if i could start my life over again, i would change several things, and 10 was when it all started going awry.
    yeah, i have good memory, especially when it comes to my life screw ups.

    aside from that, networking sites has been good to me, i have found more than 100 long lost friends from primary school and junior high.. it’s good this thing called the internet, i swear!

  3. I must agree with Rima about Reza less hotter than… LOL.
    I think we recognize there is always a trade off between benefits and dangers from social networking. However, as Uncle Google generation, at least I can meet a lot of people who share similar values apart from lost friends.

  4. Yeah, Reza looks kind of deformed now, I think Adjie really fucked her up badly. But she’s trying though.

    Anita’s just perfect, period. :)

    I saw Indiana Jones – it wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be, somehow I like the old Indi movies better. I mean, the whole (spoiler’s coming) alien thing is a bit too much.

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