Bloggers’s Land Coffee: Join Us?

ist1_4794906_beautiful_blond_girl_and_lots_of_fans_around_herI am due to be back in Indonesia by 24th of January. Which apparently not a perfect time to visit the country since God has problem with her bladder lately. Our place should be like a lake by now, and I prepare for the worst. In February 2007, I was stuck in Hong Kong for one more day because the airport was closed, and mr.mck was stuck in Eastern Promise (not really unideal place!) before being rescued by Bart‘s truck. It’s everyday’s life for Indonesians, but for Westerners, any disturbance, how tiny it is, could be a huge selling point, so every time we tell the story to our friends their jaws are wide open and surely they would imagine Indonesia like some sort a wild place where endangered species are wandering around the streets. Especially when we reach the point when mr. McK saw 5 guys holding a big python snake in Kemang main street…..

Right. I know I’ve been repeated this story too many times now so I should just change the topic.

We went back to Indonesia in around January 2008 too and it wasn’t too bad so I hope the complains I have been reading in my friends’ Facebook or Plurk wouldn’t be that bad. I am just worried for my flights though, it wouldn’t be fun to be stuck at the airport for hours. Not fun especially after 6 hours flight back from Cambodia. So I hope God would hold her bladder until we arrive home safely.

This time, instead of running around catching flights from one city to another, we would spend quite descent time in Jakarta so I hope I could meet my blogbuddies. The lovely Devi Girsang sent me email a couple of days a go and we promise to catch up when I am in Jakarta. Therry, Ecky, Elyani, and Toni Wahid have promised me since last June to meet me again so I will be chasing them up to make it happen. Elyani and Toni promise to teach me using my new DSLR so I am really looking forward to meet them and learn from the best, as well as being their model (yeah, yeah, I am that vain). Ecky wouldn’t have a choice though, she’s my best friend, she should meet me! I hope I meet Parvita again if she’s not too busy digging stuff from underneath the earth.

Of course, the invitation is open to all my blogbuddies who happen to be in Jakarta. I am sure we would have fun, talking, gossiping, eating and drinking. Please send message to Therry or Ecky since they are the appointed organisers for this event.

See you in Jakarta?




  1. Of course Nit …
    Let’s meet here and have fun as always 😀

    Tonis last blog post..Melihat Bandung dari menara Masjid Agung

  2. I am? Gosh I’ve always been terribly unpopular with organising a meet-up. We’re still having that bakmi thingie at Gading with Elyani right? Hopefully your schedule won’t be that hectic, and the rain will not stop us from having land coffee!

    See you soon! And have a safe flight, of course!

    therrys last blog post..Not Our War To Fight For

  3. whoopee..did you buy the 450D? you will hook into Flickr once you started uploading pictures and make friends with a lot of talented self taught photographers there. That is one reason why I rarely blog too :)

    Elyanis last blog post..Males nge-blog dan keterusan…

  4. Definetely have to meet up! Hopefully more crowd this time…the more the merrier!

    parvitas last blog post..The Beauty of Doing Nothing

  5. E-mail sent to Therry! :)

    Looking forward to meeting you guys! Anyway, I believe Kelapa Gading is not a wise choice for the meet-up hehehe..

  6. Jolly good then let’s catch up. Expect lots of emails from Therry and Ecky. Devi the KG is for the famous noodle I like but the ‘land coffee’ should be done in more central area;)

    Finally Wokens last blog post..Bloggers’ “Land Coffee”: Join Us?

  7. Hihihi….even though my name is not on the list, can I join the club ?
    Wants to learn DLSR too from Elyani and Toni, just bought the 450 D besides meeting all of you :-)

    tere616s last blog post..Future Lives …. ?

  8. Tere616: of course! I mentioned the names who contacted me directly prior to this thread and those whom I already met last year. I also just bought 450 D so both of us could learn from the experts.

  9. This land coffee is going to be a photography club meet up as well!

    therrys last blog post..The World is a Beautiful Place

  10. Then I’ll bring my camera as well.

    parvitas last blog post..Feng Shui: Important to Manage Energy in your Surroundings

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