Caucasian vs. Indonesian Men (2)

My previous post sparked lots of heavy comments. First came Oigal, who said I was nasty and too personal. He asked me to remove my reference regarding his family from my blog.

I did reply his comment, saying that I was in rush to go to funeral (and it was Good Friday for goodness sake), I will come back with a proper response after I have time reading all the comments from him and Rob at Unspun, and after reading Rob and his posts altogether. They are lots of them, and I should take time to read them all, otherwise I would be accused to having quoted them wrongly, again.

After lots of engagements since yesterday, I came back home and found out Unspun has clipped my last posting, and yes, Oigal and Rob have posted new articles respectively. Without giving me a chance to rephrase my previous sentences which they found offensive and are too close to home.

Shame. I do not mind at all to remove the personal reference as they wish. And no, I don’t mean to have my posting labeled as nasty, abusive or offensive. I simply want everyone to understand that it works both sides, (and finally everyone seems to agree) that a jerk is a jerk regardless race, skin colour, or profession.
But if I need to rephrase my so-called offensive and nasty sentences, they’ve got to be done under my term, and my time. It’s my blog anyway.

So give me some time, will you. Take a deep breath and stop being too emotional.

Will be back soon. And by soon I mean not in 3 minutes as Oigal expected. Some people do have life outside blogging, after all.

Over and out.



  1. :) Anita, you too. take a deep breath and enjoy Easter first, before you write.

    Dont mind this virtual blog war, we still enjoy your blog.


  2. Rob Baiton says:


    I am not expecting a point by point detailed response. And I am not asking you to amend your posts where you refer to me.

    You obviously felt that your points were valid and I can accept that.

    I agree with Mulia, we should all take a deep breath, as there are other things outside of blogging, and perhaps Easter is as good a time as any for a little bit of reflection!

    I, as Mulia also says, still enjoy reading your blog. I guess people can disagree on certain points and that does not have to mean that we disagree with the whole.

    Enjoy whatever is left of your Easter break in good ol’ Scotland!

  3. Rob Baiton says:


    I have listed your blog in a column on my blog “Things I Read”! Despite the to and fro over the still swirling controversial topic of stereotyping, I think you blog is a good read and I will continue to read it!

    I also think others should also read it and hence the link! If you do not want to be linked on my blog let me know and I will “hapus” / erase the link…


  4. andifirmansah says:

    Two countries in one heart really nice theme you pick

  5. treespotter says:

    isn’t soon due already?

  6. Want to say

    – i love your blog
    – i love the bicultural information
    – i love spicy posts
    – i do second mulia’s comment.

    Go, girl, go.

  7. Aww fair go..The only thing I “requested” removed in three minutes (??) was family reference and a certain term that I did not use and thing else would make me seem bitter..laugh..personally I think I am kinda sweet but an aquired taste. End Issue?


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