Celebrating Valentine’s Day… At The Football Stadium

When the chairman of the West Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Clerics’ Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI), Buya Mas’oed Abidin, urged people to stop the Valentine’s Day celebration and accused it as a part of capitalist-Jewish conspiracy (see Indonesia Matter’s Jewish Conspiracy), 12,000 km away from my home country I get to see how Aberdonian people celebrate it: by having one of the most important football matches in Aberdeen football history, Aberdeen vs. Bayern Munich.

Around the city there were several guys walking fast with flower bouquets in their hands, mainly red roses. Clinton Cards, Thorntons, and Ann Summers were swamped with people who were buying last minute’s cards, chocolates, and lingerie. But since 3.00 PM they were outnumbered by guys with red scarves. No, the red-scarves men were not celebrating Valentine’s Day. They were wearing the Aberdeen FC scarves, and were warming themselves up prior to the kickoff, which would have started in 3 hours. You have to understand one thing. For normal people, football is a matter of life and death. For Scottish, it is much, much more important than that (see Bill Shankly’s famous quote here). So if the fans were over-excited and ready 3 or even 5 hours prior to the kickoff, it’s very normal. Especially because the last time Aberdeen had the chance to play against Bayern was 25 years ago.

This is the proof that there is a conspiracy against Valentine’s day (gasp!). I know that in general men secretly hate Valentine’s day, because it’s another rip-off not long after Christmas and they get to do silly things like candles and pink stuff without really understand what they get as the rewards of having to do all those things (see 20 Reasons It’s Okay to Hate Valentine’s Day here). But the UEFA committee certainly made it clear that they did not give a damn whether today was Valentine’s day or not. Having known that the whole UK nation are crazy about football, they deliberately scheduled this important game on the 14th of February.

Not only Aberdeen FC and Bayern Munich players were banned from enjoying their physical activities in the bedrooms, the committee manage to make 22,000 people, mainly men, have found an excuse to avoid this over-commercialized day to celebrate love with their wives and girlfriends. Instead of spending a hundred quid for a quality time with their spouses, having romantic dinner in fancy restaurants, presenting a dozen of red roses, peeking the new lingerie their wives/girlfriends wear (or not!), then continuing it by having special deserts in the bedroom (optional), they choose to share tears and sweat with other 22,000 men in Pittodrie Stadium. The rest of those who didn’t manage to get the tickets, will watch it in the pub or at home with their mates, complete with beers and pizzas. And all men in Aberdeen were relieved that they did not have to spend another night talking about ‘where this relationship is going’ stuff.

So my suggestion to the honorable Buya Mas’oed Abidin to stop Indonesian people celebrating Valentine’s Day is very simple: organize an international football match! I bet the over-rated-new-tradition-coming-from-allegedly-capitalist-Jewish will vanish automatically.

Note: Stuart was among those 22,000 men celebrating the Valentine’s day in football stadium. I did not mind, because as I stated in my previous posting (read Everything He Does is Magic), whenever he watches football, I’d get a treat as well. So on Tuesday he presented the red roses bouquet, Thornton chocolate (but he mistakenly bought Easter’s chocolate, a huge egg-shaped one with lots of tiny Belgian ones), and a bottle of Barolo wine (my wine preference now begins to reach a dangerous state, I compare everything to Barolo). On Wednesday we went out for a nice dinner, which means we didn’t have to struggle to book a table for tonight and managed to avoid the whole utterly-cheesy-candlelight-dinner-thingy with the other couples. He was having his more-important-than-life-and-death football match tonight. And I get a shopping trip with the girls tomorrow. Everybody’s happy.

PS: By the time I finished this posting, it’s still the first half game with 2-1 score for Aberdeen. I’m sure everybody in the stadium was in ecstasy, crying and singing, showing the love to other men….

UEFA and Pittodrie Stadium pictures belong to Yahoo! Sport.

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  1. Oh… to have been able to watch soccer at an actual stadium… though I’m not a big fan and don’t even understand how the game works, I would love to enjoy the atmosphere and seeing all the hype with my own eyes.

    But much prejavascript:void(0)
    Publish Your Commentferrably without growing a moustache myself because of the suffocating display of male testosterone 😛

  2. Oh no, don’t give an idea to organize an international football match in Jakarta, it would be a nightmare.

    Riot and destruction would be a possible activities after the match :(

  3. @ecky:

    True that! It’s a game, for god’s sake.

  4. And it never fails to amaze me, what role does Israel play in Valentine’s Day celebration? Each time MUI was against something, Israel name will come up. In Netherland, I read Valentine’s Day is not widely celebrated. A friend who has long stayed in Netherland commented the typical Dutch men literally scuff at the idea, and blamed V-Day has become a multi million dollar industry, with consumers blitzed with deals to tug on the purse-strings and heart strings.

    Being a soccer addict, I would prefer to watch the game inside the stadium than receiving a box of chocolate.

  5. Soccer. Yeeeeesh. Get that thing away from meh.

    C’mon, people! We know this ain’t the full story. Pretty sure Mbak Anita’s Valentine celebration goes AFTER the game. *grins

    Happy (belated) valentine’s day, everyone. :)

  6. LOL, it’s a good idea though. But can you find anything outside of the soccer game things 😀

    I believe it won’t be Happy Valentine’s Day, it will be Happy Fighting’s Day …:-p

    And MUI things, why they always do like that, intoxinated people with all the wrong info ? The worst part, people buy their story.

    Anyway, I love your babe “surprises” things, I bet you have a lot of magic even it’s not Valentine’s Day.

    Happy belated Valentine’s day :-)

  7. “Triggering the Grand Irrationality?”

    Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

    somewhere between the tofu and the unflavored yogurt

    contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth…..

  8. Scottish football is okay.

    But today, Saturday, some kilometers south of the border, Manchester United and Arsenal are giving a show.

    Regret not being able to be there.

  9. johnorford says:

    Nice post! Banning Valentine’s is like banning birthdays, it’s just n excuse a small celebration :)

    as for football, therry, i was at the semi finals of copa indonesia, atmosphere for persipura v persija at gelora bung sukarno was UNBELIEVABLE! u should def go if u have half a chance!!


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