Confusing Weather (2)

Note: I must say here that I am forced to write something good about Scottish weather. Mr.mckand GG are deeply concerned that I have sent the incorrect message across the nation that the sun forget to shine in Scotland and the weather is entirely, continuously dreadful.

But to me, the virgin of weather-changing-climate, the amateur of four-season-in-one-day temperature, Scottish weather is still confusing. It’s not just because it is awfully cold during summer, but because it could change just in seconds. Last Wednesday I put a grey cashmere dress which reaches my knees on, have a pair of black thighs and ankle boots, because when I looked outside the window, I strongly believe that it was cold and windy. It took 10 minutes walking for me to to reach the town, and of course, the joke was on me! Suddenly the sun decided to finish hiding and to show itself in all glory, and the town was filled with people walking down in Union Street only wearing tank tops and mini skirts. I felt like a complete weirdo.

Last Friday mr.mck took me to Carnoustie to spend a mini-break there. That Friday the weather was particularly good, hitting 25 degree in our digital clock by the window, so we were so excited to feel the burn sensation in our skin (which normally I avoided in Indonesia), and mr.mck kept trying to convince me that this was the summer should be in Scotland, normally. Since the humidity in Scotland is particularly low, we weren’t sweating, something that considerably good compares to Indonesia, because at least our perfumes will last longer.

Unless you’re a golf junkie, Carnoustie has nothing interesting except the beach. The town is occupied by 16,000 people (which means, probably less than Taman Rasuna Apartment complex residence), and everything is so close by, even to my standard. But determined to feel the real summer, I put my orange halter-neck dress on, my 7cm-heels open toe sandals, and (just in case) I have my cardigan ready. “Do you want to walk on the sand?” mr.mck asked. Feeling like a romantic heroine in drama movies, I nodded quickly, but regretted it the next second because I was wearing high heels! By now it’s too late to cancel the idea, so with a deep sigh I started walking on the soft sandy beach and sinking my spike heels deeply. When turned back, along the beach I could see paw prints of dogs who looked so happy playing with water, bare feet prints, sandals prints, and of course, my spike heels. I could hear my shoes were crying of this cruelty.

When mr.mck commented how nice the weather today, I nodded but inwardly praised myself because I had my cardigan which was wrapped around my back, protected me from the strong ocean wind which blew so strong my hair turned frenzy. He then asked me if I dare to sink my toes into the water. “Are you crazy?”North Sea!” I said. “It’s Just in case you don’t realize it. North Sea is linked up to Arctic Ocean, which ends up at Arctic Pole, so I could safely assume that it’s really, really cold. Therefor despite the sun is shining and the birds are singing, I will say no, thank you.

We stopped by at Stonehaven during our trip back to Aberdeen. Another small town with Dunnottar Castle as one of the main attractions. By the time we got there, the sun really shone and the town was buzzing with people who couldn’t believe their luck that they were blessed with such a beautiful day. I even felt hot, the first time since I got to Scotland! So when I saw an ice cream shop, I treated myself with two scoops of ice creams (which surprisingly, were melted quickly – that shows how hot the weather was!), and when we headed down to the beach and mr.mck asked if I dare to sink my toes in the water, I said, “Ha, why not!”

So there | was, bare feet, both ankles were in the water of North Sea (I must remind you again the water is linked to Arctic Ocean!), bravely put a smile on to camera. Of course, there were 20 minutes passed of persuading, touching the water with the tip of toes, yelling “I can’t, I can’t, it’s bloody too cold!”, assurance that the toes will be fine and they will not come of my body, and frostbite wouldn’t happen, before this picture was taken. The fact that there were so many toddlers playing with water with their cute tiny swimsuits and building sand castles with only their tiny shorts didn’t minimize my triumph.

Honestly the weather was so fine that day I began to think that I might just survive here. Of course it all vanished when we reached Aberdeen and it was raining and cold, again.

That actually makes me think that probably the profession of pawang hujan (rain doctor) is desperately needed here! We desperately need a good summer, and the rain doctor can easily send the gloomy weather somewhere else.

Anyone interested?

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