Ihave found out lately that this person – let’s say the name is Copycat – whom I know through a friend, has been following my virtual steps. Although to be honest, I think that this person has been doing this waaay before I have entered blogosphere.

It started with small things. It’s not difficult to notice since this person was quite close to me back then. Physically.

And Copycat followed my steps, physically too (not literally shadowed me, but, well, almost though). What I did, Copycat did it the next day. What I said, Copycat said it the next day. Where I went, Copycat went the next day.

Being copied is one thing. Raised by parents who always teach me to watch my moves and be aware of social etiquette, I find Copycat irritatingly has no manner. Several times Copycat did something which drove me crazy, all small things, most of them are nonsense to others. But for a person who pays attention to the greatest details and expects the best out of everyone, nothing escapes from my eyes.

Then we have drifted apart. I have no regret since I couldn’t find anything in common with Copycat. Over the time, however, I silently confirm what I have been thinking about Copycat.

I moved to Blogger in October after Ecky’s suggestion. Before long I have found a new addiction, and also a new community. Copycat finds it shortly afterwards since we are virtually connected. Copycat goes to blogs and sites I regularly visit and leave comments just like I do. Copycat puts links on Copycat’s new blog (guess what is the weblog publishing tool that is chosen for such honor?), all the links which I put on my Finally Woken. Being a true copycat, Copycat never acknowledge how Copycat lands in people’s sites. Usually when the first time a blogger leaves a comment in someone’s site, s/he explains how s/he is directed to that particular site. It could be a link from someone else’s blog, or an accidental finding when google-ing a specific topic. It’s like when I typed “copycat image” on Google, I’ve found two cute images which I considered best to describe what I’m writing. And when I put the images on this posting, I link the image back to the original sites.

Anyway I couldn’t care less, though. I don’t need Copycat to acknowledge my existence. I could pretend and practice to be a celebrity whose everything is being copied and followed by (a) fan(s). And the bigger the person, the more fans they will have. For someone who’s far from perfect, who’s not famous, who has so many flaws, who is still learning, who hasn’t reached many goals, who hasn’t met success standards, and who is a fan of many bigger people, having someone else thinking I’m worthy to be followed should be considered an achievement, right? Right?

Beside, I guess I’m lucky because Copycat doesn’t copy my design, creation, or my other intellectual properties. What Copycat has done so far, to my opinion, is copying me. It feels like Copycat has been trying to develop a world’s perception about Copycat. But you can’t copy a brand. You can’t change your personality to be someone else. You might try to be someone you’re not but it will make you tired, wouldn’t it?

Perhaps I’m overreacting. Perhaps I’m being fussy over nothing. But I can’t help feeling itchy although I couldn’t find which part of my body that is needed to be scratched.
Maybe I need sharp claws from Tilly Cat, my original cat!

Note: big thanks to the copycat images which I copied from people who are talking about being copied, not cats. Click on the images to find the links to the original sites.






  1. It’s best to ignore the copycat. Never in history the copier is more successful than the original.

  2. Anita, think of the invaluable learning experience you are gaining from this. Such behavior is nothing new and the copycat blogger cannot take a credit of your work no matter how hard he/she continues to try. Curious mind wants to know who is the bloody cat? I bet it’s a she…hehehe!

    OOT, Tilly looks so cute. Is she in Indonesia or Scotland. Will you upload more pics of her? how old is she? My monster cat, Suneo, is a stray kucing kampung which I adopted just a few months after my dog’s passing. A little girl in the neighborhood who used to see me walked my dog was disappointed when she saw me holding Suneo and surprisingly called me a “traitor”…hahaha!

  3. Ah you finally write something about this, been wondering whether you’re going to or not..

    Remember movie Single White Female? It’s about copycat but in a negative way.. Yeah, I watch too much movies :)

    But but.. just wondering why the copycat didn’t link our blogs ya? Gotcha! :))

  4. @Elyani: I don’t kiss and tell (*wink). It could be a he or a she or in between…

    @Ecky: Your time will come, my dear. Be patience and Copycat will find you…

  5. V. Melly Limengan-Chendrainy says:

    You know Nita, somtimes you are a very funny writer hahahah. I don’t know if you remember, in F.R.I.E.N.D there is one episode when Poebe wrote a song called Smelly Cat Smelly Cat…So, my head starts to sing CopyCat CopyCat as you mentioned many many times in your writing.

    When I read this copycat, I certainly know who are referring to because when the comment is left at ecky’s, I visited her blog so I definately know what you mean.

    I really have to give you “Two Tumbs Up” for this.

    Nita…nita….you are entertaining and yet blunt in your own way.

  6. It’s so sad to think someone tries so hard to be someone else. Why can’t we accept who we are?

  7. ignore and block, girl. that’s how i deal with pests lurking around my blog(s).

    besides, your readers a.k.a blog buddies will defend you against this copycat. so you won’t have to worry 😀

    hey thanks for dropping by my Indonesian blog. *jadi malu deh ketauan sintingnya* hihihihi…

  8. @Miund: thanks for the advice! And yes, love your crazy mad funny feisty writing style :)

  9. I think you should proud that someone copycat all what you’ve done. Its a compliment. You should proud.

    Just wondering, does s/he copy all your blog, the design, your idea of writing, every single things ?

    It’s interesting ….

    I never stated how I found your blog though. Actually, I found it through mybloglog, if am not mistaken :-)

  10. Greetings to you Finallywoken!
    My name is Maggie, happened to wander on your site from another. Love Cats, not copycats! =) Your writings and pages will always be unique to yourself, so rock on! =) I like your blog and do plan to visit it more often.

  11. Hey there. I feel you. I was googling on copycats (I’m so irritated right now) and found your blog. I linked this particular entry of yours to my site. Hope that is OK with you.

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