Cranachan Is…

Another Scottish dessert. Traditionally served during harvest time in summer but now can be found everywhere, it is made from a mixture of whipped cream (lots of it), whiskey, honey and fresh raspberries topped with toasted oatmeal. The dessert is very light, not too sweet, beautiful to serve, easy to make, and a mixture of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries may be used, all to good effect, as you don’t necessarily have to stick to raspberries.

A traditional way to serve cranachan is to bring dishes of each ingredient to the table, so that each person can assemble their dessert to taste. Tall glasses are also a typical presentation (from Wikipedia).

This is the type of dessert that even an amateur can make. If you make a mistake in the mixture, just pour some more whiskey and you’ll be fine.

pinched the recipe from Undiscovered Scotland, and here it is:

Ingredients (serves two):
»Approx 300g/10½oz raspberries (strawberries can also be used).
» 280ml/10 floz/one cup double (heavy) cream.
» 2 tablespoons good quality honey.
» 2 tablespoons single malt whisky.
» 2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal.

1. Place the oatmeal in a cool, dry pan and turn on the heat to simmer. Stirring occasionally, toast the oatmeal until it is golden brown. This process could take between 10-20 minutes.

2. Once the oatmeal is brown, turn off the heat and let it cool in the pan.

3. Place the cream in a bowl and whisk up until soft and relatively thick.

4. Add the honey and single malt whisky and fold it in with a whisk, until it is soft and creamy.

5. Pick out some of the best raspberries for decoration and add three or four to the bottom of each serving glass, leaving a few for final decoration.

6. Add the rest of the raspberries to the cream mixture and fold in carefully, breaking up a few of the raspberries to obtain a slight colouring to the cream.

7. Spoon the mixture into the serving glasses, then add cream to the top to make an even base for the oatmeal.

8. By now the oatmeal will be cooler. Using a teaspoon, evenly sprinkle the oatmeal over the dessert. Add a raspberry for the finishing touch and chill for about three hours, or overnight.

Cranachan can be served on its own, or with double cream and more raspberries. For an extra treat, make up the cream and add the raspberries as in 3, 4 and 6 above. Then freeze in a container for a yogurty fresh ice cream.

See? Very simple. This dessert will make you look like a master chef. Now you can impress your guests or your date. Go on, try it.

**Click on the first two pictures to go to their original websites. The last picture belongs to Undiscovered Scotland.


  1. Rob Baiton says:

    Watch out Nigella here comes Finally Woken! 😀

    Sounds delicious!

    I might see if I can make it (maybe I need to find a recipe first)…The picture seems to make it look fairly easy with the ingredients layered and then topped!

  2. Dilligaf says:

    Only two spoons of whisky? As I remember (and I get a bit hazy delving that far back in time) when my grandmother usd to make this all off the grandchildren became a bit hyper after eating it……..

  3. Andie Summerkiss says:

    Hey great new look … 😀

    It sounds delicious. But I doubt I can make it. So, I depend wholly on you to serve us that … exactly like the photo one day, Anita.

  4. Yummmmmy. Would you make double whiskey for me, please. BTW, nice new theme, clean and smart. Love it.

  5. Finally Woken says:

    @Rob: I’m not as… err, big, as Nigella, if you know what I mean *cheeky grin.

    @Ross: It’s the sugar in double cream, not the whiskey. But, hey, your gran knows better!

    @Andie & Toni: thanks. Some other things to be done with the lay out, but I’ll take my time. Believe me, cranachan is very easy. No need to cook anything, just pour this and that.

  6. wow..this thing has whiskey in it?..sign me up..gotta try it out! maybe more add more whiskey into it too..hee hee


  1. Cullen Skink says:

    […] Cranachan Is… […]

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