Dear Liar

Dear Liar,

Why do you think you can getaway easily? Why do you think others won’t remember what you have said and done? Why do you think others won’t pick up pieces and have them glued back together into a complete picture?

I have no idea.

Dear Liar,

Are you able to have a sound sleep at night, when you know that you have lied to the entire world, including your own conscience? Are you able to sit down peacefully at church and confess your sin, when you know that as soon as you walk out you’re back to your lies again?

I really want to know.

Dear Liar,

And when the truth hits you, do you have helping hands that offer unconditional comfort and support, while your true friends have left you alone? And when you fall into pieces, do you have strength and dignity to stand tall and face the world, while all you could see is your rotten soul? And when you must walk back into reality, do you have ray of light that guides you in your path, while your common senses have been blinded so long?

I do hope so.

Dear Liar,

In the end, when curtain is closed and the show is over, I hope I won’t be the last to laugh. I hope I won’t have to say “I told you so!” and smugly pointing fingers at you. I hope to God that He would keep me humble and won’t enjoy my moment of being RIGHT.

I hope you could escape from this trouble without losing your heart and soul. I hope you could getaway from your mess safely without causing too much damage. And then people can forgive and forget. About you and your lies.

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