Deep Fried Mars Bar

Yes, people. Scottish food are not particularly, ideally, healthy. I have mentioned about sticky toffee pudding (STP) in my previous post, a delicious desert which consists of moist sponge cake, dates, and toffee sauce, usually served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Another Scottish desert, deep fried mars bar, is also delicious and super unhealthy. I briefly mentioned it in my previous post, Things That We Thought Are Normal, but I think this particular dish deserves its own review.

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A deep-fried Mars Bar is an ordinary Mars Bar fried in a type of batter used in the British Islesblack and white pudding, sausage, and often haggis. The Mars Bar is typically chilled before use to prevent it from melting into the frying fat, though a cold Mars Bar can fracture when heated.

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Imagine an ordinary Mars Bar chocolate, tossed in a bowl full of batter, then have it deep fried, just like KFC. The batter is crisp, and it keeps all the juicy caramel sauce intact. Strange? Well, maybe the idea doesn’t look appealing. But believe me, it’s really yummy. Of course, you have to eat it with, what else, vanilla ice cream. But if you want to really have it as what locals do, sprinkle it with malt vinegar….

The desert was invented in a chip shop in Stonehaven, a small fishing village 24 km south of Aberdeen. The batter they use for deep fried mars bar is the same batter they use for frying the fish for fish & chips dish.

I found a website that shows how to make Deep Fried Mars Bar, called All pictures shown here except the Mars Bar, are courtesy of

Interested? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this Scottish desert in Indonesia. But if you are happen to be in Singapore, try Penny Black, the English bar, located at the Raffles Place entrance to Boat Quay. I know there are other several places selling this desert too in Singapore, but I can’t remember where.

Hmm… now I crave for deep fried mars bar. Shall we go to Stonehaven?


  1. Nice blog :)

  2. Wanna bring it on June? Would like to try it though :)

  3. Finally Woken says:

    @Ecky: as long as you remind me. Otherwise I’d forget it just like STP *wink.

  4. Mmm.. the food in your blog are simply evil >:)

    The Fried Mars Bars cooking method reminds me of the Fried Ice Cream of on the Chinese restaurant’s menu… I am still amazed by it!

    It’s fried outside and cold inside!

    -though bad for our dental health as I’ve been told he3x-

  5. Anita,

    I bet three quarter of the customers are children??? How they keep the Mars Bar from melting? do they fry them in a flash second? I imagine the taste is chocolaty, warm and gooey. Perhaps I should give it a try with “beng-beng”? LOL…

  6. yaks!

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