Donald Trump’s Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

It’s not everyday Donal Trump faces a rejection. But his plan to build a £1 billions (that’s Rp 20 trillions or about one-third of Indonesia State Budget of Revenues and Expenditures!) golf complex and housing development at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire was rejected last weekend by Aberdeenshire Council’s infrastructure committee.

It doesn’t matter that the development could bring £150m to the local economy over the next decade and creating 400 jobs. It doesn’t matter that the reason why Donald Trump chose Scotland in the first place is because he’s half Sottish, while he could choose some other place which would easily say yes to whatever his proposal is.

I‘m sure if this happens in Indonesia the local council will have voted yes even before seeing and reviewing the proposal, just because he is Donald Trump. So, should we suggest Indonesia to Mr.Trump?



  1. Brenda in Maine says:

    I am sick at heart to hear on National Public Radio that Donald Trump wants to develop a mega-complex in your beautiful country. This news is being kept very low key here in the United States. Living in Maine we have many New Yorker’s come to our rural state. They have bought up every inch of our coastal property, pushing out the fisherman due to exhorbitant high taxes, pushing out our senior citizens who can’t live in the homes they were born and raised in; all without helping the infrastructure of our state. Mainers’ have modest incomes compared to the rest of our country. We are the highest taxed state in the United States. Traffic and smog created by rich people, the mean-spirited nasty behavior, “I’m better than you,” will all be visited upon you, if you allow Donald Trump and his ilk into your country.

    I love Scotland. I love it with a passion. My student’s here in Maine listen to Dougie MacLean and Peat Bog Faeries. My computer which I attach to the television, has pictures of your castles, Dunnett Head, The Isle of Skye, The Isle of Lewis. Ullapool still calls me, the smell of peat, the smell of the ocean and the beauty and solitude and friendliness of St. Andrews. You take the horrible chance of losing it all. Here in Maine we say, “Once the camel has its nose under the tent…..”

    I was blessed to visit Scotland for one full month in 2005. I took my two teenage children with me to experience the history and culture of your wonderful country. It was the finest vacation I have ever had. We stayed in bed and breakfasts and small locally owned hotels. Your greatest gift to the world is your independence. Your rural, steadfast, practical people is your greatest asset.

    I realize I am one voice. But Maine has seen the rich come in, and Maine’s lifestyle has been diminished in every way. Please save yourselves while you still have time.

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