Dream About It, So It Would Happen

My good friend Melly came to me the other day and said, “I wanna make a book!”. I asked her what kind of book she wants to publish. She said a book about women. This is the book based on her own research about married women and single women. It’s more like a combination of “Sex and The City” and “Men from Mars, Women from Venus“.

I thought, she’s so brave, to have a dream publishing a book. Me, I’ve been writing on and off for my entire life, and I never dare to dream it!

Melly also told me one story that happened to her once. She went to a leadership training class, and the speaker made her stand in front of everybody, and asked her to believe that the light bulb she’s holding is a brick. And she must drop it to crack the ceramic tile which was placed on the floor. She told me that when she didn’t believe it, she broke the light bulb. But after she really put her thoughts and beliefs, she’d drop the bulb and break the ceramic tile.

That’s the power of the 2 forces in life: dream and believe.

We’ve seen so many successful people, and they all have those combinations. They think big. They dare to dream that they could make it. And they believe the would make it! How many times you have the feeling that you could do better than what some people have done, but you don’t have the guts to show, sell, let people know about it?

So I begin to write down all my wish list and my dream. And I believe, that within time, I can achieve at least some of them.


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