Dry Spell

It is not like me. I am usually able to publish two-three articles in a week. In good days, even almost everyday. My blog, which has started since March 2005, and is over 3 years old, is a standing proof about how consistent I have been.

But not now. I have been occupied with lots of things lately which practically drain my ideas of writing. I have been working hard for the upcoming launch of Indonesian Expatriates Dot Com. I have also been busy with other personal matters, that just to find 2 hours to sit down and think then write is almost impossible. That, and not enough time. See, unlike some people (like Rob, for example who could post 3-5 articles in 1 day and doesn’t need some beauty sleep!), it takes me up to two hours just to write down one post. Most of the times it is because I need some more research to back me up, and before I knew it, I got distracted, looking at other people’s blogs (which makes me stay for more than 10 minutes to read related post and other interesting posts in each blog).

I have one article ready to publish but I have to wait another blogger since we promise to publish it at the same time. You know, kind of like duet. I have other 4 articles, almost ready, some of them have been in my draft box since months a go, but I don’t feel like publishing them.

I have been tossing around some ideas, but haven’t go the ‘itch’ to write them down. And I just read my last post, which is exactly 7 (!) days a go. Oh no!

I wonder what other bloggers do when they suffer from a dry spell?

What do you do?


  1. First of all: the number and quality of your post is most impressive. No doubt about that! I envy you.

    But as for your question: I never did think of it that way. I guess blogging is like other favorite pastimes – say chess, tennis, theater, meeting friends in the pub. Writing is just another free and a not obligatory hobby. No top priority. So a writer’s block or lack of time should not worry one at all. Life is elsewhere. Just wait patiently till next opportunity to come. And if it doesn’t come it’s no big deal.

    colsons last blog post..I love the Minister of Defence

  2. Nothing, really.

    Not until people start bugging me to update in which I have to dodge by using the ‘busy’ excuse LOL.
    Relax, Anita, you update more often than I do anyways, and there are always people who give new comments, and they are always interesting to read!

  3. Same here Nit … lazy mode : ON.
    This month is the worst consider my published frequency compare to many months before. I think, I’ll bake something from the kitchen and post it :), that’s what I do now, when have no interesting subject to share.

    Tonis last blog post..Saya motret Soetrisno Bachir

  4. Colson, it’s been a while since you stopped by and left comment. I’ve missed you! :) Guess you’re right, I’ve got to be more relaxed on this

    Therry, thanks, you’re very sweet. I always tell myself to update the blog every two days and if I fail to do so I go nuts. Maybe it’s a sign of addiction!

    Toni, I was about to post some Scottish desert, until I found it was actually English, huh :(

  5. FW…

    Maybe I am blogging when I should really be doing something else! I guess blogging is my addiction of choice! Like now for example, it is 03.40 in the morning here in J-town and I am still at it. Albeit not posting to my blog but commenting on yours πŸ˜€

    I am with Colson on this and would go as far as to say that sometimes it is a quality vs. quantity issue. Your posts are worth the wait! Besides you post more regularly than Therry anyway (who I am guessing is “busy” drawing and doing artisty things or whatever it is that budding famous artists do). I might add that Therry’s posts are worth waiting for too. Particularly the ones where there is just a picture and you get to interpret it for yourself.

    A blog is a personal thing and a dry spell is just a reflection of the fact that there is nothing getting your creative or writing juices flowing at that point in time. I would imagine that there will also be times when you are writing 3 or 4 posts a day and wondering why you are so productive.

    Just go with the flow and write when the urge takes you. We, your loyal readers will wait!

    Robs last blog post..Perception and Reality

  6. BTW…take a look at my mug shot and then take a look at yours!

    OK, so who needs the beauty sleep? On second thoughts, no need to answer that πŸ˜‰

    Robs last blog post..Perception and Reality

  7. picture blogging πŸ˜€

  8. Just relax dear, don’t push yourself for blogging, as others says consider it as a hobby… and if you don’t have any good idea to write just post some beautiful picture of Scotland..

    Me, my lazy mode on, same like Tony :))

    eckys last blog post..Pulang Kampung yuk….

  9. Hi Anita, I was going to be a mummy blogger but I lack the patience and tech skills to upload pictures of my kids. So I guess I am now a whatever ‘personal’ blogger which is great because I just write whatever crap is on my mind! LOL. I really enjoy blogs such as yours and others on my blogroll that keep me much entertained while nursing my baby.

    katadias last blog post..Constipated

  10. I have nothing precious more to add than joining the comments above. Your posts are worth waiting. If one can combines qualitiy wit quantity why not, but when I am to choose, I’d rather have quality.

    Don’t forget things you are now doing for Indonesian Expats dot com are big! So take your time…

    Lorraines last blog post..Reunion Online

  11. It’s a matter of priority. There’s nothing wrong to post once in awhile, especially your writing is always interesting. Your readers will wait.

    santi ds last blog post..Things I Found Weird in Munich

  12. mba, Colson is right..life is elsewhere when u r not online. Kalau orang gak update2 blog malah aku ngiri, means s/he must have a nice busy real life that goes beyon the blogging addiction. heehehe..

  13. Rob: seriously. You never sleep? I envy you!

    Koko: I’m not a good photographer, not like Toni, or Elyani. I told them I’ll buy a camera and start pestering them, asking for free tutorials, πŸ˜€

    Ecky: is it the fasting effect?

    Katadia: and you too. Been digesting your blog since I’ve found you through Parvita’s :). Must be nice in Canberra today; it’s a bit chilly here…

    Lorraine: thanks. Been trying to write something worth to read for Indonesian Expat. It’s more difficult than I thought. Maybe that’s why I’m tired. Plus I plan to get up early for autumn sale, it’s start at 7 AM!

    Santi: that’s a very nice to say. But I hope I can reach a productivity level like Rob – although I don’t want to sacrifice my beauty sleep!

    Mulia: LOL. So how’s life back in Indo by the way?

    Finally Wokens last blog post..Dry Spell

  14. Anita, let it flow. Am with Rob and Colson.
    Writing for me is something that must come from inside me, if I don’t feel to write, then I just let it go.
    Do my blog walking, give my comment, or just read it without put my remarks there.

    tere616s last blog post..Another Quiz – Me, the Career Girl

  15. Hi Anita…feel like ages since I come blogwalking. Been having some problems of my own. I’m getting lazy to blog too lol… hang in there

  16. Yeah, I think part of it because fasting… low blood sugar makes you lazy to do anything :))… or is it just me? hehehhe

    Eckys last blog post..Pulang Kampung yuk….

  17. Hi
    I’v just started blogging, so I still have more ideas for posts than days.

    For those who have been keeping blogs for more than a year, how often do you write a new post?

    Yayas last blog post..Shaun the sheep

  18. I’ve been there too πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes when I got stuck and totally had no idea about what to write, I did bloghopping and posted about how interested I was upon another’s posting. It’s kinda like link-time. I’m not sure it would be a great solution.

    Agree with previous commentators, just let it flow. Just like Treespotter said on Blogging Manifesto; “This is not a story. This is not a report. This is not a journal. This is not news. This is blogging.”

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..So Long, Bang Andre

  19. Tere: I’m with you, especially since it’s a blog, I have to feel and be subjective about things so I can write them, but when I’ve got nothing to say, I’ve got nothing to say no matter how hard I try!

    Ivy: Hi Ivy, yes I was wondering where you are. Hope everything’s okay?

    Ecky: maybe, hope you enjoy Cisayong! :)

    Yaya: thanks for dropping by. I guess you can see from everybody’s answer that posting number per week is vary. Rob can post up to 5 per day, I can post up to 3 a week, etc.

    Devi: cool manifesto!

  20. Nit, I’m suffering a blogging dry spell too for 2 consecutive weeks…but I just let it be. In fact I kind of enjoying it as I can switch off the computer and forget about it for a while. I think a good way to get out of a slump (for me) is to take my camera out and start looking for object to shoot. After that I usually have thought of something :)

    Elyanis last blog post..Say it with flowers

  21. I don’t consider it a high necessity myself to research my blog topics… Just take a look at my own blog, it rarely makes references to outside sources, right? Just write on your daily ponderings like I do and you’ll come out fine with a one-post-per-day habit like me (or Tree or Rob)


    Toshis last blog post..How much is $700 billion really worth?

  22. Elyani: I wish I were in Indonesia to be your camera object!
    Toshi: guess everybody has different way of writing. I guess it’s my habit try to find a ‘back up’ of my opinion. PS: thanks for leaving your first comment!

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