Embracing The Wild Weather

I‘ve visited Aberdeen a couple of times before permanently move here. But we’ve always visited the city between September and October, so I didn’t really feel the cold weather. The coldest temperature I had experienced was 9?C, but that was 6.00 AM in the morning and I had it for a few seconds from the house to the car, so it doesn’t really count. My so much winter experience was when I lived in Sydney, where when it’s hit under 15?C people are seen walking around with thick coats, scarves and gloves. And there’s no snow in Sydney!

This time, though, will be my first experience to feel the ‘real’ cold weather. I’ve tried my best to avoid it, by arranging my trip back to Indonesia in December-January (I wish I could stay until May but mr. Mck veto-ed my idea), but this particular week in early November has been colder, much colder. The heater is on more often inside the house, the darkness falls earlier it makes 4.00 PM looks like night time, the kettle is put on all the time for (hot) tea, and I go out much less. Although I still see some freaks walking with short-sleeves T-shirt, there are many more people now put their coats on. Winter is coming!

Last week, Rina, my first Indonesian contact here, asked me if I wanted to meet up with other Indonesians. I, of course, said yes, so we settled to get together on Thursday, at one lady’s house which is only 10 minutes walk from mine. That particular day was incredible cold (3?C!) and very windy, I had to put a lot of effort just to get out of the house. Smugly I though I’d be fine with tube dress, cardigan, parka, and knee high boots, since the house I was going to wasn’t far. But of course, now it’s not about the cold, it’s about the wind! When walking down Union Grove the wind blew so hard I almost flew I had to grab the nearest tree! Oh dear… wouldn’t be funny to read on the next day’s newspaper: “Small Indonesian Lady Was Found Hanging On The Tree…” I honestly don’t know how to handle this issue. If it’s cold, it’s easy to put on some more layers to get warmer, but how do I keep my feet on the ground when the wind blows so strong it bends all trees?

Snow fell on Thursday night, but God decided it’s not winter time yet, so Friday was warmer enough to let all snow traces disappeared before noon. Saturday was a combination of rain and cold and yesterday (Sunday) was just as depressing as Saturday, but Stuart, like the rest of British/Scottish/Irish people, thinks fresh air is important so he dragged me out of the house to Ferryhill House for lunch. The ‘fresh air’ concept was bizarre to me, because 1) it’s always sunshine in Indonesia, so no one pays attention to weather forecast, 2) there’s no so-called fresh air in Jakarta! Look up to the sky and see that it’s actually grey, full of pollution (I was shocked the first time when arrived in Jakarta after living in Sydney because I got used to with clear blue sky) and 3) even though it’s fresh, it’s freezing cold! So I’d either suffocate after breathing the same air inside the house or catch pneumonia from the cold.

Let’s see whether I will survive the weather in the next few months!



  1. nadia febina says:

    hallo, salam kenal yaa.. nice blog!

    Tinggal di aberdeen yah, kebanyakan my colleague juga asal aberdeen tuh, kt mereka dingin sekali, pdhl org2 asli situ.. :)

  2. Nit, maybe you should make special shoes with additional 3 kg under the sole so it will keep you on the ground :))

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