And Life Has Just Begun

I've been living in Perth for almost 2 months now, but it's already felt like forever. Slowly but sure mr.mck and I begin to adjust with the new life in our new adopted city. We have finally moved to our home last month and although our stuff from … [Read more...]

Missing Scotland

Maybe because it's summer, sunny and hot and it's Christmas and it's supposed to be cold and snowy. Certainly because Walker's shortbreads are sold everywhere but I know nothing compares to granny mck's homemade ones: straight from the oven full of … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under (3) – G’day!

Last Friday was the day of that marked our 2-week settlement in Perth.  But we are still in the adjustment phase, where we compare everything here with what we used to have back home. From what I've learned in my settlement course 2 years a go when I … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under (2) – The First Shocking Moments

Shocked after landed in Perth under its glorious sunshine at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I quickly reminded myself that we are no longer in Aberdeen, where it gets dark before 4 PM, where  it is cold, windy, and wet all day. We were discussing the … [Read more...]

Hello From Down Under – The Journey

The confirmation finally came when I was still enjoying my holiday in Indonesia. Yes, we're moving to Perth, Australia (not Perth, near Glasgow!). The date was finally agreed. Yes, it's 26 November. Lots of emails went back and forth about how we … [Read more...]

New Home… Almost

The date is set, the flight is booked. We officially have only less than 1 month in Aberdeen. By end of this month we will start our new journey in Australia. The movers will come to pack everything away a few days before departure, and the list of … [Read more...]

An Overdue Update

Yes, it has been 19 days since my last posting, but I wouldn't bore you with excuses. Instead, here is some stuff I could share by now: Moving - again! … [Read more...]

What A Difference A G’Day Makes

The Sunday Times Magazine yesterday featured an article about more and more Britons are emigrating to Australia. I have found several interesting facts that I will share with you. Australia now becomes the most popular destination for British … [Read more...]