Hot Shop In The City

Two months a go, when I was enjoying my (another) holiday, I bumped into Bart in Cazbar at lunch time. The last time I saw him was probably in our wedding, as he had relocated to Bali and we moved to Scotland, so it was a nice surprise to see him … [Read more...]

Bart and ‘Sweet Home Obama’ Go International

Bartele Santema is in his element. I can imagine him sitting down in a dressing room, powdered-face, maybe a little bit of lip gloss and mascara to enhance his features, a stack of stroopwafels on the table, a glass of beer in one hand, practicing … [Read more...]

Belated Apology from The Ass-Pincher

About four years a go, mr.mck and Huib celebrated their joined birthday by throwing a BBQ party at Bugil's bar. I think it was either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and there were about 50 people turned up to stuff their faces with sausages, burgers … [Read more...]

Spoiled Local-Expatriates

The Writer just wrote about spoiled expatriates, "those who come from developed country and get a job in developing country and live like a king/queen". With salary which is unbelievably higher than a local standard - mostly due to ridiculous … [Read more...]

Caucasian vs. Indonesian Men (modified)

Note: The original article was posted on Thursday, 20 March 2008. In regards to those who has requested me to remove the family reference, this article is rephrased, although I try not to go too far from where I stand and believe. After the … [Read more...]

2008 Bugil’s Calendar

I received Eastern Promise newsletter update this morning. Something caught my eyes and I stopped scrolling when I nearly reached the bottom page. I blinked. Again. And again. Probably I was dreaming. But no. The half-naked lady picture was still … [Read more...]

Bule (Caucasian) Guy Dating Indonesian Girl

I came across this article the other day, and saw that the post got 239 comments. The author and the main contributor of the blog, remains anonymous so I wouldn't know whether it's a guy or a lady. A lady named Parvita left a lengthy comment and I … [Read more...]

Open Up and Say…..Aah!!

No, it's not an album from Poison, but it's literally the "O" moment (in Indonesian, when somebody gets confused then finally understands, s/he would say "Oooo"), or "Aah" moment. Up to date, I never understand why some men choose to be with girls … [Read more...]