Spring? What Spring? (2)

It's mid April. It's supposed to be spring. Summer should be around the corner. With a high spirit we headed down to Edinburgh. We planned to visit several places. The sun was glowing even with the dark cloud above us. But then God thought it would … [Read more...]

Spring? What Spring?

On Sunday we had to adjust our clock back to 6 hours behind Indonesia. Spring has come, apparently. Everybody's mood has lifted when the week has started with a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the sky was blue, the … [Read more...]

Bloody Eejit

My friend Anja has just arrived from Holland a couple of months a go. She learns that even though she speaks impeccable English, she still can't understand what Scottish people say half of the time. Well I couldn't blame her, I've been here for over … [Read more...]


One of the Scottish national symbols is kilt, a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic (more specifically Gaelic) culture typically worn by men (from Wikipedia). … [Read more...]

You Know You’re in UK When…

I was ordering a new wardrobe at John Lewis. It's sort of custom made; we could choose size, colour, model, and additional bits according to the given catalog. After settling all the major parts, like size and colour, I began adding the elements like … [Read more...]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day… At The Football Stadium

When the chairman of the West Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Clerics’ Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI), Buya Mas’oed Abidin, urged people to stop the Valentine's Day celebration and accused it as a part of capitalist-Jewish conspiracy (see … [Read more...]


I went to my first céilidh (pronounced kay-lee) in Aberdeen last December at The Marcliffe Hotel (which, to me personally, was a disaster, since I wore a long ball gown that sweeps the floor, very glamorous for waltz but not suitable for Scottish … [Read more...]

Let It Snow

It's been a long time since I bitched about Scottish weather. Not because I've had settled here nicely and developed thick skin to bear the cold. Not because I have had run away, back to sunny Indonesia, for almost 2 months so I missed the most … [Read more...]

Burns Supper

We're back in Aberdeen after 6-week holiday in Indonesia and Vietnam. The prospect of going back to cold, gray, wet weather wasn't really appealing; especially when we were transiting in Amsterdam and seeing outside the window of Schiphol Airport. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Scotland Golf Plan Rejected

It's not everyday Donal Trump faces a rejection. But his plan to build a £1 billions (that's Rp 20 trillions or about one-third of Indonesia State Budget of Revenues and Expenditures!) golf complex and housing development at the Menie Estate in … [Read more...]