Fall From Grace (2)

Warning: the post contains large amount of vanity which could lead to migraine, nausea, or even diarrhea. You have been warned.


Too much love will kill you, according to Queen. In my case, it didn’t kill me, but it’s enough to hurt me. Literally, mentally, and physically.

Yesterday I had an appointment with other ladies. I was in between-hair wash day, and sporting a new, much shorter hairdo, which sadly will look like a lump if it is not styled, I had no other choice but to pull it into a ponytail, but I thought it would be brilliant to tease the roots to have some volume at the crown, similar like picture on the left.

I was proud of the result of my own creation, but I didn’t have much time to admire my own reflection in the mirror because I was running late. Since the weather has become unpredictable again, I couldn’t wear my sandals so I grabbed the closest pair of shoes, which look similar to the picture on the right – except mine are plain black – and headed into the town. Pay attention to the shoes because they were going to play a big part soon in this story.

On my way there, I kept checking on myself in the row of parked car windows. Yes, here comes the vanity part. I was shamelessly admiring my work of art on my own head.

The shoes, I must say, felt quite high. But I was super confident because 1) I am very used to high heels, I could walk on 14 cm high stilettos better than on ballerina flat shoes, 2) I have worn the shoes in London, where I had to walk a lot, chasing buses and tubes, which for me a testament that the shoes are good for walking, and 3) they are wedges, which, theoretically, give more support than spikey heels.

Feeling like I was in my element, I crossed the road hurriedly and turned to Union Street, which bans off-street parking. Since I couldn’t check myself on the car windows, I glanced on each shop, pretending I was looking into their displays, but actually I was looking at my reflection in the window. I just passed Starbucks, and suddenly, in split second, I tripped over!

I successfully was on my hands and knees, and OH! they hurt like hell because they just met the cold pavement. Just like any other part of the town, the sidewalk in Union Street area is not completely flat, and I didn’t realise the particular block I stepped on was not the same height as the other ones. And because I didn’t pay attention to what’s in front of me and was too busy looking at my reflection in the mirror, I twisted my ankle, lost my balance altogether, and found myself plunging forward and kissed the ground.

There were lots of people around me when it happened. All of them were staring at me, wondering if I was drunk and how the hell I could fell down on a rather flat pavement! I couldn’t savour the pain because the embarrassment took over quickly and I had to get away from the spot, pronto! So red-faced, I got up quickly with rather wobbly knees and walked away.

I, of course, blame it on the shoes.

This isn’t the first I fell down in public. In Fall From Grace I fell down a fire staircase and my bottom landed on a concrete steps on the process. Not only that I did it in front of my team – whom I was supposed to lead and had to be a role model for – but the reason why I miscalculated my steps was because the cute French guy who was climbing the staircase gave me a smile when we brushed shoulders in a narrow flight seconds before that!! I was grateful though, that I didn’t flash my G-string and kept my skirt intact and I didn’t break my poor black stilettos.

Moral of the story: if you were that vain like me, make sure you wear proper shoes!

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  1. Ouch, Nit, how is your ankle doing now?

    I’m everything except high heels … more than 3 cm literally give me headache.

    santi ds last blog post..Column ‘Anakku Berbahasa Indonesia’ on Wanita Online

  2. Santi: my ankle is a bit hurt, my knees are covered with bruises, but they are nothing compares to my dignity which is gone in the minute I tripped over LOL

  3. Hahah the sad thing about tripping over is, most of the time people will laugh at you, instead of helping or anything. I tripped over on the crowded Narita airport in Tokyo … it hurt like hell while at the same time I heard some teenagers giggling …. nasiiiib!

    santi ds last blog post..Column ‘Anakku Berbahasa Indonesia’ on Wanita Online, and Finally Woken’s Great Blog!

  4. LOL. Oh man… I agree wholeheartedly, the bruises are nothing compared to the lost dignity, even if it was only for a few seconds of our lives.

    I had my ugly fall from grace whilst I was waiting for a bus after school – there were lots of other students there as well, and the bus stop was positioned right in front of the mall, so everybody was there. When the bus came I started running because I wanted to save myself a seat, and in my haste I didn’t see trolley rails in between.

    So I fell. And I fell hard. I ended up scraping the skin of my left knee and pretended that I wasn’t hurting. There were blood everywhere, most probably the same color of my face. LOL.

  5. PS: I wasn’t checking my hairdo or anything though – I just wanted to get seated πŸ˜›

    Nice of you to admit your vanity though :)

    I like to sneak secret glances to public windows and mirrors as well and admire the beauty that stares back at me. Hahhahahahahahaha

  6. good message…
    wearing the proper shoes…

    but i love high heels even i have to walk a lot doing my job to visit retaillers, something missing if i’m not wearing high heels.

    more confidence i think :)

    Indah Sitepus last blog post..Mamiku

  7. Santi: yeah, people are mean!!
    Therry: ha! see, everybody is just as vain, but I publicly admit that, that is the new level of vain, I guess LOL
    Indah: as long as you wear proper shoes….

  8. If I were you at that time I would hope that people would not recognize you the next day as that lady who fell, would they? Now, you can laugh about this. Unfortunately the pavements down town European Cities are not that high heel friendly. In my first year here I was too stubborn not to wear stiletto everytime I went shopping in the city, I ruined several pairs of my favorite high heels. Now I can laugh about this either.

    Don’t ever give up high heels Nit, they are too pretty to be kept in boxes.

  9. Lorraine: Tell me about it! If I wear my spikey high heels, the heels sometimes stuck in between the pavement blocks. But no, of course I don’t give them up: I need that, physically, to add several inches to my height πŸ˜›

  10. ouch…. what a hilarious tragedy! please accept my condolences πŸ˜€
    so, how are they now (knees, legs, ankles, shoes)? are you back to high heels yet? i cannot do flat shoes, but don’t do really high heels either… definitely not spikey ones… my first time trying the high heels was in highschool, i felt down while walking with the guy (my senior) i liked…. ugh.

    mers last blog post..[JUS 494] Politics of Technology + Ice Cream

  11. LOL,
    Feel sorry for you Anita, but I also had the same experience like you long time ago.
    I had a fight with my bf and I was so mad and rush out to the lobby of the mall.
    Wore high heels sandal, went to the car, which park in front of the mall. It’s rainy.
    Sadly the car wasn’t me, chose the wrong car, till I saw my bf was standing in front of the his car. I walked to his car and suddenly, out of nowhere, just slipped in front of the people, my skirt was like the movie ‘lady in red’ and my bf just standing there, laughed at me.
    I know how it feels, really, but can’t hold my laugh.

    Tere616s last blog post..Check This … What an Ad .. Honda

  12. Mer: it’s ok. I’ve gained my dignity back as well ;). Trip over in front of ‘kecengan’? Now that’s embarrassing!;)
    Tere: I know somehow you care about me but still keep laughing. I know, I would have done the same thing if I saw others fall down because s/he’s too busy looking at their reflection. I was lucky though, I didn’t flash anything! πŸ˜€

  13. I know the feeling!
    Always happens in the worst of times but; when you’re extra confident…or..looking extra good.. or seen an extra good looking guy..shame!

    S Ns last blog post..Tough Economy Times, Farewells to Budget Holidays and Free Parking in Hospitals…Hurray!

  14. SN: Very true. In my case, all three!

  15. FW…

    Judging by the comments this seems to be a girl thing. I cannot recall the last time I went for a face plant on the pavement (although I am sure that I have). However, I am a habitual stumbler. I scuff my feet when I walk (lazy bugger) so they regularly catch on stuff and I stumble. I am so used to it now that I just continue on my merry little way in my merry little zone.

    So, no one tried to help you up and see if you were OK?

    How was the hair after the fall?

    Robs last blog post..Remembering the Past…

  16. Rob: haha. Of course no one tried to help me because I stood up immediately and got away quickly. They didn’t know both of my knees were wobbly and, half an hour later, were covered with bruises. The hair – sadly, and this is the irony of all – was messed up, not because I fell over, but because it was so windy that day even the strongest hairspray can’t keep it intact! Are you laughing now there? Stop, please… πŸ˜€

  17. yea, why’s that? why do we laugh when we see somebody’s got hurt aka fall from grace?
    bet you still looked cute even though you fell down on your four πŸ˜‰

    Dinys last blog post..Door-to-door Religion


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