A combination of a scheduler who pays a great attention to details and a natural worrier would be the worst. It’s me. Me. Me. I am such a pain in the butt to those who think that birds are chirping and the world is smiling and everything is perfect even though your life is not planned. I would stand by their door and tell them that it’s going to rain and they’re better to take the umbrella and next time read the weather forecast before taking too many tank tops.

And if it’s my event, it’s double worry and double attention to details. It’s frustrating to see everyone takes everything very easy, while I’m sitting down and drafting schedule for everybody on hour basis. Only to a reply that they haven’t even booked the flight, or they don’t know what to do – but as long as beer and girls are involved, they’re happy.


So what I’m going to do, is stop caring about things which are not related to me directly. To hell with everything, I’ll just take care of myself and others who appreciate my efforts (and I thought it’s should be the other way around, that I should embrace the Queen of Sheba manner and sit down under the tree and let everybody runs around and serves me?). The rest can find their way to Bali and as long as they don’t turn up with flip-flops or Hawaiian shirt (should I hire fashion police?), I couldn’t care less.


  1. Go on strike – as in, be totally ignorant and uncaring, THEN when they’re all panicking, running around with only half a pair of flip-flops on, they WILL appreciate how much you’ve done for them.

    Or you can just stop caring altogether and be a completely selfish-for-reasonable-excuses bitch.

    Some people need to learn their lessons until they start to listen to others. 😛

  2. Nit, I know you are worry the guests, and I also know that you are having enough headache to arrange event from thousands miles away, but I would suggest you to sit back and don’t be too stressful about everyone. Don’t push yourself to hard dear.

    Uhm.. I know we haven’t book our flight and hotel but we WILL Be there for you. Pasti dong!

  3. rimafauzi says:

    Is this – caring too much – a common trait among the more mature Indonesian women? I am this way too, but instead of worrying if they think I am a huge pain in the royal butt I tell them I do it for their own good, because I care for them and I dont give a rat’s behind what they think. Sometimes being a fabulous bitch about it is the best way to go.

  4. Finally Woken says:

    Therry, interesting. Might do that.

    Ecky, I sent you the text already.

    Rima, I don’t feel fabulous. I don’t feel being bitchy either. I would dearly hope that those people who put me in this pain will have to endure the same thing when they arrange their wedding! *lol

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