Happy Holidays

breton-lobster-093125Well, at least happy holidays to me. People start getting back to work, and we’re off for holiday. Mine will start very early tomorrow and take 18 hours before it actually begins in 12,000 km away from Aberdeen, in a much warmer, albeit wet, climate. We will sneak away to Cambodia for a few days to see Angkor Wat, as it is apparently one of the 7 wonders of the world you should see before you die, and spend the rest of the holiday in Indonesia, catching up with friends and family.

I was amazed this afternoon to see how quickly my suitcase filled up with many things. Clothes are almost nonexistent, and the giant suitcase is mostly full of Scottish calendars, chocolate, Tunnock’s tea cakes, books, fabrics, some stuff my friends ask to pass to their friends and relatives, and at least 3 dresses and 3 pair of shoes that I realise – after almost 2 years – I would never wear in the freezing weather of Scotland and there is no point having them gracing my cupboard. GM has generously given me a wool tartan fabric which I plan to turn into another mini kilt (this time it should be sensibly longer than the last one. The last one is probably only 30 cm long which makes me unable to sit, or bend over without revealing myself to the entire world and is impossible to wear in Scotland) and perhaps a cute jacket, and it is probably weight almost 5 kgs. And, ahem, 3 bags. One Gucci I should bring back to be professionally cleaned up because I have been carrying it around the city under the rain and hailstorm, and such service doesn’t exist in Aberdeen, or if it does, it will cost a fortune. And the other two are necessary to match my clothes.

That, and my infamous shocking neon green Bennetton suitcase, the one that I could easily spot miles away on the baggage conveyor with a huge, pink, luggage tag with the shape of a shoe, the one that is so funky mr. McK refuses to stand near it let alone carry it for me, which will be filled with my camera and laptop. It’s a suitcase that has seen many successful smiles I throw to other passengers, asking for their mercy to lift it up into the overhead compartment.

And to think that mr. McK, who has gone earlier for a meeting in Holland, has managed to leave the house with one tiny suitcase – the one that you could actually carry to the cabin – is a mystery.

Of course I would store some necessities in the green suitcase. 6 out of 10 journeys back to Indonesia always result in luggage misplace. Apparently there is some big mysterious hole in the switching luggage department in Amsterdam, and when my luggage should be transferred from KLM to SQ, it always goes away somewhere first before the airport realises it belongs to someone who has actually left to Indonesia. It happens so often I could even report it with smile and be confident that it will arrive the next day. Well, it always does. But I still need to change and brush my teeth, hence the green suitcase!

The packing is almost done (funny I could pack other people’s suitcases in less than 30 minutes but needs one and a half day for my own) and I am starting to build a list of things I have to buy in Amsterdam or Singapore, which again, are not for me but for friends and relatives who know I am coming back and ask me to buy specific things from the airport.

It’s an early start tomorrow. And I should get some rest.

Happy holidays, everybody!

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  1. I hope your gadgets will be safe in that green Benetton suitcase! I’m very worried now, as some airport people don’t really seem to care the contents of people’s suitcases, even with the “FRAGILE” sticker attached to them, they still throw them here and there without a care (did I just rhyme??).

    Maybe on your way to Indonesia, bring your gadgets with you on your hand luggage?

    Anyway, have a safe flight for both of you, have fun in Cambodia (don’t adopt any babies no matter how persuasive they get) and I’ll be waiting to see you in Jakarta for Land Coffee!

    therrys last blog post..In Spirit of the Upcoming Election

  2. Happy holiday! Enjoy Jakarta! Bring a raft! Well, the last item is just a precaution 😉

    aviantos last blog post..New Yorker

  3. have a nice holiday

  4. life is unfair…. i want holidays too!!
    Angkor is indeed a must-see place before you die…. that place fascinates me to the max! And Indonesia… oooh…. how nice!!
    enjoy your holidays!

    mers last blog post..[Inauguration] Turning we come round right

  5. You better be back here soon young lady, I miss you!

    eckys last blog post..Canberra Photo

  6. i wish i can meet u :(

    Ivys last blog post..Presents From NoniQ aKa DebbY

  7. Happy holiday to you too. Say hi to Indonesian food street seller for me *wink*

    Dinys last blog post..Dante Survived Myringoplasty

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