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It’s been pretty quiet since London girls’ trip. The taste of purple martini at the Purple Bar still lingers (too expensive, that is. One glass cost me £17.00 (Rp 350,000). It’s good, but I find it hard to justify the price), and there’s a talk about repeating it in Dubai or Ascot. Maybe Ascot, I want to wear one of those silly hats (click here for funny hats images) and drink champagne and pretend to be slightly interested in horse racing.

Glasgow will be the next destination for this weekend trip with another group of ladies. There will be no trip until – hopefully – next month. The possibility of seeing dad and meeting a blogbuddy somewhere in Europe is exciting but a friend just informed me that she just applied for a Schengen visa through Amsterdam consular and they told her it will take 6 weeks (!) to process the visa, because she holds an Indonesian passport, and Indonesia is considered as a ‘risky’ country. I don’t know how long it takes to process my visa, I’ll find out when I send the application next week.

November 5th was Guy Fawkes Night and it was celebrated around the country, including Aberdeen. Fireworks burst over city and bonfires were lit by crowds. Sometimes the celebration involve destroying effigies of historic figures, including Guy Fawkes.

St. Andrew’s day is celebrated by Scots around the world in end of November. That means lots of invitation to St. Andrew’s balls and lots of opportunities to wear pretty dresses rather than jumper-and-jeans. Also, to eat good haggis.

Indonesian’s St. Andrew’s ball will be held in November 29 this year. You don’t have to be a Scot to join the event. But you might want to have your dress checked just to make sure you don’t break the law, since the pornography bill is passed despite its controversy. Ironically, a district leader was caught with a woman in bed although he claimed she was his wife.

A very unique event will be held in November 22: Pesta Blogger 2008. The biggest Indonesian blogger gathering in Indonesia expects to attract 1,000 people and is held in several cities, supported by Ministry of. Communication and Information,  several government organisations, media, big companies like Microsoft, and – guess what – Department of State USA (!). I am not sure whether “expat bloggers” now can join the party, after last year’s protest from several of them for not being allowed to participate, but since bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore  confirm to join the gathering, I believe the committee has changed their conditions. Hopefully in the future this event can include Indonesians who live abroad.

Now if you excuse me, I have got packing to do…


  1. hehe..baru aja mau buzz buzz to ask..”what do u think of pesta blogger?”
    hehe, because if pesta blogger has a branch in Europe, then u must be the very strong candidate to be the chair lady in the meeting.

  2. Mulia: But I find out none of my friends are going. Are you going? (I, on the other hand, beside being 12,000 km away from Jakarta, also am attending St. Andrew’s Ball that day).

  3. have fun travelling! masa si apply schengen lama bener? eh tapi disini juga apply british visa sekitar 3 minggu ding

    the writers last blog post..S.A.D.

  4. TheWriter: British visa usually takes 1-2 day(s), even in Indonesia!

  5. masa si? temen gw pernah ditolak 2 kali tu sama british embassy di jakarta, sama katanya dengan US tengilnya gitu…

    the writers last blog post..Weekly Friday quiz – What is your inner colour

  6. Have a nice safe trip :)

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..Tell Me

  7. Thewriter: really? my experience was extremely good; but having said that, I’ve never had an experience where my application is rejected by any kind of embassy.

    Devi: thanks dear

  8. Wow there’ll be many Scots around the world in Bali! That’s good for indonesian tourism. We will be patiently looking forward to your reports.

    Lisas last blog post..Picasso and me

  9. Hi Anita, your trip to London sounds fun..I love the cart ride part! Oh yes, Toni and I have just registered to attend Pesta Blogger 2008. I think it’s fun to see the big names in the Indonesian blogging community. You should be one on the list if you’re here :)

    Elyanis last blog post..Of photography, family matter and motorcycle theft

  10. Lisa: you mean ball, not bali, right?

    Elyani: cool, let me know how it goes!

  11. eh iya Nit, bacanya cepet2 he he he, place nya masih tbc lagi ya. but still i’m looking forward to your reports :-)

    Lisas last blog post..Fun at Playmobil FunPark

  12. nggak tau mba. aku dah daftar tapi tgl 22 kayaknya ada rencana keluar Jakarta. if i will attend, i will let you know :)

  13. man, i’ve always wanted to go to london……:(

    i guess im just gonna have to follow your blog :)

    ( mind giving me a backlink ? )

    mystery shoppers last blog post..Let them know what they eat

  14. Met Kenal, tak disangka Pesta Blogger beritanya tersebar begitu luas. Atau mungkin saya yang masih baru di dunia Blog.

    Blogging Societys last blog post..WP-Cummulus by Roy Tanck, Nice Widget for WordPress

  15. @Mystery Shopper: sorry just read your comment here. Sure, let me know if you have linked me, will link you back

    @Blogging Society: yeah kamu yang masih baru kayaknya. Salam kenal juga.

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