I Don’t Understand…

… that football is such a big deal in UK, even the prime minister must get involved in it.

You might have noticed that UK didn’t participate in football at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, because England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete in all other international competitions, including the World Cup and European Championships individually. There has been no British Olympic team since 1960, partly because of fears it could jeopardise individual sides.

Now a row has broken out whether Great Britain football team should be put together for London 2012 Olympics. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that he wants to see both men’s and women’s team playing in the country which invented football, but some people in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales think it could mean they will end up losing their national sides in other tournaments.

We’ll see how it goes. In the mean time, Scots are pleased because Glasgow will host the football.









  1. What was possible in ’60 must definitely be possible now: one Olympic British team. The UK, the inventors of Football, can not allow themselves to be absent at the games in 2012.

    I should add congratulate the Scots. Because football is the most important side issue in life, Glasgow actually will be the capital of the civilized world in 2012.

  2. So are you coming to watch your fave team playing in Glasgow then?

  3. Please do not talk about football… we cannot watch ANY of it here in Indonesia. It’s not aired on local television, and it’s not aired on the usual cable TVs either…


    *in mourning*

  4. Football = high level marketing, some nice looking athletes and a bit of sport.

  5. I thought Therry should be happy since her beau won’t be watching soccer during weekend LOL

  6. @Ivy:

    true, but then he will have nothing to do and usually when he doesn’t get his doses of football he will get quite moody 😛

  7. @Lorraine: LOL, you forgot to mention a lot of money involved…
    @Ivy: Therry could sit down in front of her laptop and chatting with me alternatively!
    @Therry: you’re talking like he’s a junkie!

  8. Hi Mbak Anita :) huhu football … my favorite theme.

    I think they would not be working together as four countries as United Kingdom is the actual name of the country (as a sovereign state).

    In football however, they get independent status, as they’ve always been competing against each other as ‘national’ sides even before FIFA was formed, so as a result FIFA have let them continue to play as four separate ‘countries’.

    The opposition voiced mainly because they are not certain to have any players in the first XI and they probably won’t wholeheartedly support a largely English team. Also they fear this might jeopardize their chance of still competing as four separate ‘countries’ in the future.

    Theoretically, they may only have a team of English players and ‘putting quotas on’ (specific number of player from each part) is a political intervention and goes against the whole concept and tradition of the Olympics, faster – higher – stronger.

    Anyway, it’s jolly good if UK can sort this out and send their team. I’ll be rooting for them :)

  9. Rish, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. The Scots seem very reluctant…

  10. football there and here in the u.s. is taken very seriously, i observed. almost like a religion, or a way of life.

  11. Football: sweaty men, 1 ball, money, some good looking men, fit bodies and the best of all… tight asses.. hell yeah…

    eckys last blog post..It hurts

  12. Diny: yeah, I still don’t understand. I can put up with watching the highlight, but waiting for 90 minutes, anticipating if there will or will not be one goal, is boring. Just an opinion though…

    Ecky: naughty girl :)

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