I Forgot How To Write!

Is it possible?

Maybe. Normally it takes a few hours for me to finish, edit, add photos, and publish a blog post. This time, I’ve been staring at it for the past two days, and it’s still far from finish. I would type several words, then my mind would wander around, then I check my twitter, then my facebook, then back at staring at the post, and so on.

Is it possible that I forget how to write now, since I’ve taken 2 months off that makes my brain is rusty and my fingers are stiff?

I’d come back next week to tell you!


  1. welcome to the club…
    even i have the wordpress app in my blackberry and itouch, I still.. somehow… doesn’t know what to do.
    mostly I used the wp app on blackberry only to check stats.. looking those 0(zero) number visitor and wondering what happen with my (almost abandoned) site.
    Maybe I should make those twitter integration thing showing more result, so There’s still something live going on…

  2. Aha. Any great and prolific writer at some point in her career will hit upon a writer’s block. But then, really great and prolific writers like you will definitely resume writing. If only because this reader wants it.

    • Colson: you’re too sweet! Thank you. I guess I’m back writing now. I do push myself to be more discipline and spend time in front of my laptop rather than iphone now. I also spend time to visit each of my blogbuddy’s new post – some thing I haven’t done for a while.

  3. perhaps, it happens sometimes…but sure you’ll get back to it pretty quick. happy writing, nit :))

  4. Darn Facebook. Darn Twitter. What distractions they are :p
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  5. masih buntu ya nit? 😉

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