I’m Back!!

I’m back, baby!!

After being suspended by my hosting provider for exceeding the bandwith quota, I finally have given up and upgraded my account. They said it’s my fault for having up to 500 visitors and high traffic every day. Yeah and thanks to them for banning me, I might have lost them all.

But now I’m back, the blog functions normally again, hopefully without any hiccups, so I can sleep well, as I haven’t had a peaceful sleep for the past two weeks, from being attacked by Jimmy Choo bag to woke up crying but couldn’t remember what I was dreaming.

Apologise for not taking care of this matter quickly. I have been busy arranging my upcoming holiday which is due less than 2 weeks. I also start making plan for our girls trip in June. Everything comes with consequences, many back & forth emails and lots of research and paper works.

I am still in shock as two of my best friends in Indonesia are moving. We are now scattered around the world, and it would be very very difficult to meet up as a full group now. It is scary now that only three of them remain to live in Jakarta, and the other three are in three different cities outside Java, one lives so far away it takes 5 hours flight to reach. I feel like I am going back to a half-empty house!

The news also makes me more grateful that all of my best friends (including the 6-month pregnant mom-to-be) managed to come to the wedding last August in Bali. Hopefully it will not be the last time we could all gather and celebrate the happy time.

It also makes our friendships change shape. It used to be based on face-to-face meeting almost every day for eating, coffee-ing, partying and shopping. But now we rely more on the other mediums: emails, chat messengers, and telephone conversations. We’d be lucky if we are still able to see each other every year.

But the only constant in life is change.
And I embrace it happily, as it makes life more intriguing.


  1. Welcome back! :)

    Chris Taylors last blog post..Exclusive Interview: Indonesia expert Don Emmerson

  2. Welcome back … again Nit. 😀
    Glad to see you back after a while.

    Tonis last blog post..IM2 yang tidak Broom

  3. Chris & Toni: thank you! Glad you still remember me after being idle for almost 3 weeks… :)

  4. Finally! Finally woken! He3x… did you scream at those hosting providers? Gawd they sound unbelievably annoying.

    Err… being chased by a Jimmy Choo bag, as a dream in general, would be a good thing, no? Rather than you chasing the bag?

    therrys last blog post..Not Our War To Fight For

  5. Therry: mmmm… but the bag wasn’t mine. Maybe that’s why I was crying LOL!

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