I'm Bringing My Sexy Heels Back

shoes_798035aThe first time I landed in Scotland I realised that I had no closed-toes shoes at all, except several pair of boots. All my shoes had at least 5 cm heels or higher, and all were open toes models, a.k.a sandals, because I come from a tropical country which doesn’t require me to protect my feet from the cold.

But the unforgiving weather in Aberdeen forced me to ditch my sandals and opt for something warmer. So the first thing I did was buying some pumps or closed-toes wedges, but soon I found out that the cobbled stones in Aberdeen pedestrians are not ideal places to strut with anything higher than 5 cms. There were more than one ocassion my heels were stuck in between the pavements and almost caused an accident. I have landed on the pavement with my knees and hands once and do not have any intention to repeat it again (read about my glorious accident here).

So I have been a new fan of flat shoes since. I wouldn’t want to get caught dead wearing sneakers except at the gym, so my only option to walk freely around the streets is by wearing ballet shoes which are perfect for the purpose. They are cute and come in different colours and prices and have lots of variations. gwyneth-paltrow-tods-g-bag-04I have a pair of moccasins I normally wear if I travel for a long distance flight, but don’t feel pretty in them, because they covers most of my upper feet parts and being as tiny as Kylie Minogue I have to maximise every inch of my legs to create a longer illusion.

However, I soon will start wearing my high heels back after reading this article!

clipped from www.thesun.co.uk

WEโ€™VE all heard how damaging super-stilettos can be to feet but now experts
are warning FLAT SHOES can be just as dangerous.

Foot docs are even urging people to strap on sexy heels to keep their feet healthy.

Podiatrists are alarmed at the rising number of foot injuries caused by plodding around in ballet pumps and flip flops. Although comfortable, flat shoes can cause severe foot pain, bunions, shooting pains in the shins, backaches and even arthritis.

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As the weather warms up, the foot doctors also warn us the danger of flip flops and the very trendy gladiator sandals, which can be particularly bad news for our backs. The article lists down the downside of wearing flat shoes like:

  • Feet to roll inwards pulling ligaments apart and causing shooting pains along the bottom of the feet.
  • Big toe to be pulled out of alignment with the foot, causing pain and stiffness
  • Bunions.
  • Inflammation and arthritis under kneecap.
  • Backache.
  • Inflammation and shin pain (shin splints).
  • They can also make legs look stumpy (which is exactly right up my street!)

However, wearing high heels all the time isn’t good either (we will see what is going to happen to Victoria Beckham in 10 years time) and will cause us similar problems as wearing flat shoes. So here is the tips of having healthy feet:

  • Keep in shape. Being overweight puts extra strain on the footโ€™s arch.
  • Avoid slip-ons. These slide your feet forward causing you to shuffle.
  • Save backless shoes for special occasions.
  • Vary your heel height but choose a one-inch heel for everyday wear.
  • Change shoe styles often, donโ€™t just wear mules, ballet pumps or flip flops.
  • Walk around in bare feet at home.
  • Walk to work in trainers, not flats.

So after all, there is a scientific reason of having more shoes! Hurrah!


  1. Yayy! Another reason to go shopping! LOLz.

    Anyway, rumor has it, Posh Spice has undergone a surgery to remove her achilles tendons which makes sense considering the fact that she always says she can’t bear walking flats. Besides, there are lots of ways to conquer the pain of killer heels. For instance, a 500-dollar collagen injection to make sole cushions :)

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..Apple Service Center in Jakarta

  2. Ah, because of my latest sport I am aiming for this shoes: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/ – sure it looks funny but it’s perfect for my sport and running in general. I tried it and love it! Now, where can I find some extra bucks haha.

    aviantos last blog post..25

  3. Brands like Clarks, Aerosoles or Ecco are the best options seen from health perspective, I guess. I spare my ballets for non-walking occasions and wear y ugly-looking-but-oh-so-snug-and-puffy aerosoles or casual clarks daily. I’m so not into high heels and put them on for formal parties only, which thankfully rarely happens.

    I heard once we reach 30 yo, our feet’s flexibility is decreasing, which makes it more painful to wear high heels. Oh a gossip channels some years ago announced that Hollywood celebrities usually got a shot on their feet to make them more supple. This way enables them to bear standing on their stilettos on red carpets for hours.

    santi ds last blog post..Family Language: Are We Still Simple?

  4. Devi: collagen-injection sole cushion? I want those! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Avianto: they look weird! Individual toe shoes!

    Santi: I’m very bad. I wear sandals when the temperature reaches 10 degree just because the shoes match my dress. Or wear ballet flat in winter because they look cute against my dark blue jeans and after 30 minutes walking on the frozen pavements, my feet palms went stiff and cold. I’m learning, but I still cannot bear the thought to put safety and comfort before beauty LOL.

  5. They are weird. But comfy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Feels like you are walking with barefoot.

    Beauty over safety and comfort, eh? I bet you owned a 10 cm stiletto that could cut thru steel? ๐Ÿ˜›

    aviantos last blog post..25

  6. Yay..long live high heels! Jimmy, Manolo and Christian will be proud of you for sharing this article. mwhahaha.

    Miss Lai Lais last blog post..On Levelling with Yours Truly

  7. Well, you know the saying, if they say great shoes are painful, they sure don’t know where to shop!

    parvitas last blog post..Between Swines, Flu and Those Around Us

  8. “I still cannot bear the thought to put safety and comfort before beauty” ….. heheheh while actually the definition of beauty doesn’t stop at high heels.

    santi ds last blog post..Family Language: Are We Still Simple?

  9. One of these days, I am going to do something drastic to change the look of my neglected feet and toes. Then and only then, will I swap my homy ped sandals to something prettier. In the mean time, don’t look at my toes people!!

    katadias last blog post..Left-handedness, tough baby girls, maternal education, and other randomness in child survival

  10. Avianto: 10 cm? Talk about 13 cm!

    Miss Lai Lai: oh dear. I wish I had a Louboutin, but they’re too expensive to be worn in cobbled stones pavements in Aberdeen ๐Ÿ˜€

    Parvita: quite true, although sometimes even expensive brands are still hurtful!

    Santi: where does the beauty go below the feet? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Katadia: I’m sure your feet look fine!

  11. LOL .. I said ‘at high heels’, not below. You can still be beautiful even without those high heels.

    santi ds last blog post..Motherhood, A Profession

  12. Or even better … you are beautiful with our without heels … LOL

    santi ds last blog post..Motherhood, A Profession

  13. I swore on high heels but motherhood has forced me to wear flats now and then. Nowadays I wear high heels from 5 – 11 cm. The comfy height for working days for me is 5 cm and in block model not stilettos please. I only wear the last one during parties.

    Wearing high heels allows my back to be as straight as an arrow and makes me feel feminine. I just can’t live without them.

    Lorraines last blog post..Mother, how are you today?

  14. You’re back!
    I came by a while back and you were not here.

    As for the heels?
    I did Beatle books back in the sixties, and some elton john style shoes in the seventies.
    All I got out of it was an ingrown toenail that had to be pulled.
    (We won’t talk about what grew back)
    Thing is, I love going barefoot and for good exercise, I stand up on my toes, then down, up, down…so on.
    I don’t know if it helps my feet other than make them stronger, but, it does make me feel like I can run a greater distance.

    bonemans last blog post..Didn’t Win?!?

  15. Hm..lucky me then, wearing my high heels from Mon – Thurs and flast shoes from Friday – Sun :-)
    So based on your article, I think I have given my foot some “balancing” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Missed you …. :-)

    tere616s last blog post..Another One Day in My Life

  16. I must say I am not a fan of high-heeled shoes although i admired those ladies who look so elegant wearing them… my feet are flat so it’s difficult to wear heels…moreover, my shoes never last long

    Ivys last blog post..Latest Indulgence

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