I’m Still Here

Forgive me readers for I have sinned.

I have been guilty letting my other passions took over, and before I knew it, 6 weeks has passed and I have only produced one thread. However, despite lack of postings, I have actually been taking part of 2 activities which still involve blogging. One is as the participant for a market research company which investigating the bloggers around the world and blogosphere in general. Although I couldn’t reveal more than that, I am proud to be taking part of this project as this is a breakthrough where people see how serious and powerful the blogosphere  could be. Another one is with Amnesty International, which is quite exciting as I have never done this before and taking part of this project opens up a brand new horizon. I will not discuss much about the latter but you will read later in my future postings.

Aside from those two projects, I have met the Indonesian bloggers for several times. Our last ‘land coffee’, that’s how we call it, in Senayan City, turned into photo sessions as usual, where Toni, Elyani, and Tere continuously clicking their cameras away. Some of the bloggers also decided to attend Ecky’s wedding in Tasikmalaya, which is not quite easy to reach as we have to drive 5 hours from Jakarta, where the hotel was full of ants but the scenery was breathtaking. What started as an easy meet-up turn into a greater form of friendships and I am happy that I actually could call them friends, not just blogbuddies. I believe that what we have had now is stronger and deeper than just leaving comments at each other’s blog.

The real reason why I couldn’t set aside 30 minutes to sit down and write, was because I have moved around so much. As you might have known I arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, in January 24th, and two days later mr.mck and I ended up in Siem Reap, and several days later we were back in Jakarta. Then my journey began and for the next four weeks I went to Surabaya, Makassar, Tasikmalaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Singapore, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, then back to Scotland. Most of the time I had people with me or staying with me so it was impossible to sit down and concentrate. Plus I had dinner appointments every single night, Ecky’s wedding and Nonie’s farewell party to go to, and Jen and Yolanda coming over from Makassar and Nias respectively just to see me.  I had also a matchmaking project which is a big success too.

It was meant to be 3 weeks holiday, but Ecky’s sudden decision to get married in one month made me postponing my return to Scotland, as I wouldn’t want to miss it in the world even though there were lots of consequences. After lots of emails and phone calls with the airlines, hospital, contractor, and vendor to rearrange the schedule, I could stretch my holiday into 6 weeks. I am lucky that mr.mck is so understanding and doesn’t mind at all to let me stay back in Indonesia a while longer.

It was a wonderful holiday, a very long one which definitely makes everyone else jealous, and I am so happy that I managed to meet everyone, that I managed to attend Ecky’s wedding and said goodbye to her before she moves down under, that I managed to attend Nonie’s farewell party and went to Makassar with her, that I managed to see my best friend in Singapore although she forgot to take her new baby with her (!), and that I could meet my dearest cousin whom I haven’t seen for years.

Forgive me readers for I have sinned.

I have just got back last Sunday and was hit by reality. Mails to open, emails to read and reply, appointments to attend to, schedules to meet, et cetera. After five days I manage to clear up my inboxes (yes I have more than 1 active email address, each one for different purpose). I have got a lot more things to do but I managed to steal 30 minutes tonight to say hello to you.

Of course, my feet are already itchy again and another trip is scheduled for May. And another for June. But for now, I only want to be here.

I am still here. I am not going anywhere. If I do leave, it’s only for temporary. This is my home. Where I belong. With you.

Note: picture on the teaser is borrowed from here.


  1. Let me say… welcome back!

    Miss your ‘long’ writing, the plurk’s entries were OK but it’s too short to show off your thought.

  2. you’re forgiven! :)

    what a nice holiday…:)

    boys last blog post..Bosen Menunggu Cuci Mobil

  3. Welcome Home.. my Google Reader miss you too :-)
    Can’t wait to read your post of your project with Amnesty International

    tere616s last blog post..How Are You ?

  4. oh hun, no worries… it’s called ‘life’. and even though it looks kind of hectic, hopping here and there, enjoy it. it’s fun… we’ll wait ever so patiently for your next post.

    Dinys last blog post..Drama of the Year 2008 (Vacation Gone Wild) – Part 4 b (Final)

  5. You’re forgiven! :) Looking forward to hearing more and more updates from you, Darl! 😀

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..On Link Exchange

  6. I forgive you… now go forth and sin some more!!! *flirt with Anita outrageously*

    Loving the kopdar photos Nit!! You look gorgeous… gue deket2 jadi ikutan gorgeos juga dong aw *maksa* 😀

    therrys last blog post..Weltschmerz

  7. All, thank you very much for your encouragements! Hopefully my frozen brain is melting as spring has come and I could submit interesting threads for you to read! :)

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