Indonesia, Here I Come, Again

Since 2007, I’ve been back to Indonesia twice a year, and normally the holiday was fully spent with lunches, dinners or parties. This next week trip, however, would be slightly different. First, I get to attend a blogger friend’s wedding in the beautiful resort down in Jimbaran, Bali. And second, I’m attending a high school reunion party. I mentioned about the reunion on my post back in April, and against all odds, everything turns out alright, and it is finally happening.

I also want to check the new bar under Bugils group umbrella which is supposed to be open very, very, very soon. It’s called de Burse (de Burse [dutch] = bursa [bahasa Indonesia] = stock exchange), but I bet not many Indonesians could guess what it means, and none English speaking people would either. But since it is located right across the Indonesian Stock Exchange Building, it should be an appropriate name for the bar, although I like the name Xchange better (anything starts with X sounds naughty, don’t you think?). It’s open about 5 years too late: had it been open whilst I still worked there, I would’ve been the best customer ever since it’s only a stone’s throw away from my former workplace. Nevertheless I’d certainly try to lure all of my ex-colleagues and clients to have meetings and have the meals and drinks there.

Strangely, every time I go back to Indonesia, I always lose a friend or two. They either move away from Jakarta to somewhere in remote in the island of Sumatera or Sulawesi, or cheekily move to Canberra but then are going to move to the tiniest country in the middle of nowhere when I have actually moved to Australia. This time, two of them are moving away. One is moving to – ironically – Scotland (why on earth it doesn’t happen when I was still living there??), and another is moving to Bangladesh. So with another two gone, I will only have a handful good friends left in Indonesia.

However, I am also very excited because I will finally meet a blogbuddy, Santi. We have been blogbuddies since we both were featured in an article in The Jakarta Post (and in the typical 6-degrees-of-separation manner, the author of the article now lives in Perth and becomes my friend!) a couple of years a go but we haven’t had a chance to meet.  Santi has recently moved from München to Sydney and despite that now we are living in the same continent, the 5 hour-flight distance between Perth to Sydney makes it difficult to arrange a catch up. Fortunately Santi is Indonesia at the moment and I will get to see her! Another blogbuddy from Pelopor blog, whom I’ve already met once in Rotterdam, is also in Indonesia at the moment and although she is in the country with the whole entourage and a newborn baby, I hope I could meet her too. Maureen from Tatter Scoops, whom I met back in February, would be another blogger I would also join the catch up. Her blog has become such a busy place nowadays, I keep going back at least a few times a week because she keeps updating it! And of course a small blogger-gathering will take place in Jimbaran-Bali on the wedding. Even the official photographer is a blogger too!

On top of that, of course, lunches, coffee, and dinner appointments have filled up my calendar for the next two weeks. I just looked at it now and wonder if I will actually have time to shop and pamper myself! But, that’s the whole point of going back: to meet my beloved friends and to party.

I will see you back soon whenever I have time to go to Cazbar to update this blog. In the mean time, try to be good!



  1. Really looking forward to meet you in person and Rockz, (and apparently with copious amount of drinks)!

    Safe travel and see you in less than 2 weeks :)
    Miss Lai Lai recently posted…On Sign of You need to cut those culinary sessionMy Profile

  2. Can’t wait to catch up with you!
    That was last February that we first met? WOW!
    Hahahaha I had to laugh at your comment about my blog. Guess, I just have too much time on my hands these days. Oh, btw one of the task of 31DBBB was to study a top blog on our niche and I had picked your blog 😉 I didn’t blog about but I kept coming back here and ‘study’ what makes your blog stands out from the rest and I can conclude: your content – love the way you write and your easy to navigate design.
    Maureen recently posted…Weekly Roundup &8211 4th Week of JulyMy Profile

    • Time flies, doesn’t it? I have to say I too keep coming back to your blog. The topics are close to my heart and all are easily written. I can assure you’re going to be Indonesian top blogger in short time :)

      See you on Thursday!

  3. Great. Have a good time (well of course you will have). And please pass on my love,hugs and kisses to Dian if you happen to meet her (I think this is a refreshingly new way of cuddling my daughter in law).

    By the way: as far as I know “Burse” is not Dutch. I rather think it is a contraction of “beurs” (= stock exchange) and purse.

    • Colson: I just have had a lovely time meeting Dian and Khrisna, such a cute boy. Thank you for letting me know about de burse, I’m gonna ask those Dutchmen what it actually means – maybe something naughty?:)

      • A lot of Google and a little of memory produced this explanation of the concept of Burse:

        “Burse”is from the Flemish city of Bruges in the thirteenth century. Merchants used to meet in a tavern owned by someone whose name was “van der Burse”. It’s signboard showed a ‘beurs’ (purse).In a way one could say it was a distant predecessor of the stock market which was created in 1611 in Amsterdam by Hendrick de Keyser.

  4. Looking forward to see you soon, Nit! in Bali! Woohoo!
    therry recently posted…Where the hell has Therry been!My Profile

  5. Indonesia country full of diverse cultures
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    ilmucts recently posted…Hosting Flash dan Photo GratisMy Profile

  6. Nita, are you still in Jakarta? How many friends did you loose this time? He he he.
    Diny recently posted…Tell Your Child to Move Away from Mine- I’m Taking a Picture!My Profile

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