Indonesian Women and Small Town Mentality

I've noticed that many Indonesian women, wherever they reside, still carry 'small town mentality'. I've noticed that:   Small town mentality is: family value. It means that we are all a big happy family, that your friend is my friend. It's … [Read more...]

What Makes You An Indonesian?

Somebody posted intriguing threads on twitter on the other day. I wasn't sure what subject that triggered her posting, but she was ranting about Indonesians living overseas who pretend to know more about Indonesia [compares to those who are inside … [Read more...]

What A Difference A Nationality Made? (4)

I should have declared The Netherlands embassy my sworn enemy as I have never had any luck with them whatsoever. Last year I applied for a Schengen visa because mr.mck was going for a training and I decided to join him, and it took the consular here … [Read more...]

Hang out with Fellow Indonesians

Why do we tend to hang out with other Indonesians, and in most of the cases, with only Indonesians, while we're abroad? … [Read more...]