Let’s Get This Party Started

Bigger is better. More glamorous is better. More people to attend is better. Longer train, heavier make-up, and higher hair, are better. The more expensive is better. The more famous people, from caterer, hairstylist, until the list of guests, are … [Read more...]

The Long And Winding Working Hours

I have quit my job and left Indonesia a year ago, but still receive job offers from time to time, although no one dares to relocate me back to Jakarta as en expat (*wink). But when I was visiting my ex boss in his fancy office after having dinner … [Read more...]

Spoiled Local-Expatriates

The Writer just wrote about spoiled expatriates, "those who come from developed country and get a job in developing country and live like a king/queen". With salary which is unbelievably higher than a local standard - mostly due to ridiculous … [Read more...]

Train Ramblings: How Well do You Actually Know About Your Own Country?

I'm writing this in a moving train that is taking us back to Aberdeen. Yes, the train provides a free wi-fi service, which helps me to endure the 7 hours journey back from London. To think that most shopping malls in Jakarta still charge their … [Read more...]

When Indonesian Goes Shopping

I have landed on a blog written by an Malaysian expat who now lives in Jakarta. Some of her articles tickled me and I just realized that is how people see us, Indonesians. One that makes me smile is to read her amazement to see the ladies who go to … [Read more...]

What A Difference A Nationality Made? (3)

There are two occasions which urged me to think seriously about giving up my Indonesian passport and becoming a UK citizen. One of my friends asked if we're interested in going somewhere on Easter break, and she quite fancied Switzerland and Austria. … [Read more...]

High Infidelity

I am sitting comfortably in the living room on this peaceful day, looking out the snow slowly melting, vanishing from the roofs, trees, and roads. I have had just finished a quick online chatting with a dear friend in Indonesia, which leads me to a … [Read more...]

Binge Drinking… In Indonesia?

Binge drinking is a big problem in the UK. BBC reported that Britain's binge drinking culture is costing the country £20 billion a year, according to a government report. The study by the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit shows 17 million working days … [Read more...]

2008 Starts With Death

Second day of 2008, I woke up at 7.30 to hear the news about a person we know died this morning. He committed suicide at dawn. … [Read more...]

Toilet Humour

In certain shopping malls in Surabaya, like Tunjungan Plaza and Surabaya Delta Plaza, every time you have the urge, you have to pay Rp 1,000 (around USD 0.10) per person to enter the toilet. This weird policy has been applied for years without … [Read more...]