Indonesian Expat is Finally Launched!

to connect with other Indonesians around the world
Finally, after several months delay, we proudly announce the launch of Indonesian Expat site, which mission is to inspire your success living in a foreign country by providing you this website to share stories, network globally, and find the best resources which hopefully will help your journey overseas.
Mind you we are still in the soft launching phase, there are lots of to add, fix, repair, and change, so please bear  with us. However please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, or complains.
Hope to see you there!


  1. hi, im not an expat , but congratulation on the launching, checked the site, it was great .
    hopefully we could share infos from indonesia and get any news “out there” from indonesian abroad.

    mystery shoppers last blog post..Let them know what they eat

  2. Congrats, ya Nit!!

    santi ds last blog post..Joseph’s Therapy and Frenchified Teaching Approach

  3. Waw.. it’s a great news indeed.. langsung daftar ah 😀

    Ades last blog New Year’s Giveaways

  4. Sama, udah ndaftar juga disana. Excellent job you and Andie did!

    Lorraines last blog post..Partir est mourir, un peu…

  5. Cool!! It’s officially launched now it it?? :)

    therrys last blog post..Mirror on the Wall

  6. Finally, congrats to both of you and Andie…

    eckys last blog post..Malaysian fatwa agency forbids Yoga for Muslims

  7. Congrats to you and the whole crew! I’m sure I’ll be visiting it regularly :)

    Devi Girsangs last blog post..Nana May’s Magic Facial Scrub

  8. Let’s add my congratulations to all the other ones and wish the site a great future. Only drawback: I can not belong to this new universe.

    colsons last blog post..A Mean Surrogate Mother

  9. Mystery shopper: certainly. You want to help doing the shopping section?

    Santi: I will be waiting for your article!

    Ade, Lorraine, Ecky, Devi: thanks for your support!

    Therry: I will announce and acknowledge your hard work here in this blog soon *wink.

    Colson: I’m sorry. But the lady (ies) in your family can, right?

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