Indonesian Expatriates Forum: Progress Updates

I‘m starting to get some more detailed ideas about the Indonesian Expatriates Forum that I initiated a week a go. Please take a look, and if you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to let me know, whether through this blog or to my email (

As an amateur in the virtual world, I dream big, so big that some of my friends think that it’s impossible to do. A single person, initiates a forum to connect all Indonesians around the world? Am I mental?

But actually my idea and dream is very simple, and it only takes a willingness to get there. There is no money involved, there is no deadline or time line that I have to obey, there is no failure possibility, there is no feasible risk at stake, so why can’t we do it? Look at Expatwomen website, it is initiated by two women. Two. And look at the website now, you’d be surprised that they actually have started it a year a go. (You see, this is a different attitude of Indonesians vs. Westerners, that we are usually so pessimistic about everything, even we are taught to be ashamed of our own success, while Westerners generally have positive attitude, always say that everything is possible and achievable, and they put trust on other people. But more about that later).

At the moment only myself and Andie who commit to be contributors, although we haven’t discuss thoroughly what we have to do each, but at least we are getting somewhere.

I also need big help from all Indonesians from all around to world to keep spreading news and information about this forum and to keep me informed about Indonesians living overseas.

One step at a time. I’ll see you there



  1. johnorford says:

    hey great idea. i’ll post up a link on my blog…

  2. Jakarta Casual says:

    a friend of my wife lives in cairo…i ll see if she can do anything when she s not too busy watchin tv or shoppin or dreamin about shoppin!!!

  3. Finally Woken says:

    @John Orford: Thanks a lot, really appreciate it.

    @Jakarta Casual: Thanks, would be great if she could participate. PS: is she buying Louis Vuitton?

  4. coffeeliqueur says:

    hello…Can I consider myself as an expat? I always think I am an expat though I don’t earn a penny in the country I live in though..:)
    I’m an Indonesian living in Malaysia and I just love to share my story in my blog. I have quite a great deal of information about Malaysia, especially the city I live in, Ipoh. Will put your forum link in my blog and my website.

  5. Finally Woken says:


    The definition of expat, according to Wikipedia is:
    “a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal residence.”

    So of course you’re an Indonesian expat! See you in Indonesian Expatriates Forum!

  6. ?? ?? (Toshihiko Atsuyama) says:

    it’s a great idea you have here. however, you may call me skeptic or what, but somehow i don’t see the prospect of this forum in becoming popular as too bright.

    Why? Because Indonesian expats around the world have already had their own forum (in Kaskus) to begin with:

    Perhaps you can start by putting the countries not listed in Kaskus, such as Spain, Portugal, Brazil,or Egypt. Only a suggestion of mine though. ^_^

  7. Finally Woken says:

    Toshihiko: Thanks for the info. I’ve looked at the site you told me, and that’s not what I have in mind for Indonesian Expatriates Forum. It’s more like or I guess the term forum is misleading, some friends comments that ‘forum’ sounds too heavy, well, need all of your suggestions how to make it better!

  8. WrerneSoivede says:

    what do u recommendation b assess referring to web2.0 tech in offline world?

  9. WrerneSoivede says:

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