Irn Bru

Scottish people are very proud of everything they have, so imagine when I tell them that Irn Bru tastes like Fanta Orange to me!

Irn Bru (pronounced iron brew) is carbonated soda drink, made by A.G. Barr plc, a soft drink manufacturer from Glasgow.

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Irn-Bru is famous for its eccentric bright orange colour (something it shares only with the glucose drink Lucozade). The formula for Irn-Bru is a closely guarded trade secret, known only by two of Barr’s board members, with a written copy held in a Swiss bank-vault.[1] As of 1999 it contained 0.002% of ammonium ferric citrate, sugar, 32 flavouring agents (including caffeinequinine) and colouring (E110, E124). It is advertised as having a slight citrus flavour, but many have differing opinions of the exact taste of Irn-Bru. One of the key ingredients is said to be barley while another rumour holds that seaweed is a major contributor to the taste. and

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The drink has been the most popular drink in Scotland, outselling Coca-Cola. Stuart keeps stocking up our fridge with diet Irn Bru. There was one day during Highland Gathering in Jakarta where a Scottish lady was talking to me in Eastern Promise tent and rumor suddenly hit us that the chief tent sold the legendary Scottish drink. She left me abruptly in two second to find the drink because she really, really, really missed it after 2 years living in Indonesia.

But again, I taste it so many times and I still think it is very similar to Fanta Orange!


  1. Anita, I think “Irn Bru” is more similar to the old “Green Spot” soda as both have a rather bright orange color :
    When I was a kid, Green Spot was the only soda drink I could find, along with local made ‘Sarsaparilla’. Green spot drink also appeared in ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ Flight 714 to Sydney. In that comic strip, the author ‘Herge” described what he found in Indonesia during his stop-over trip. And the famous ‘Green Spot’ was in it.

  2. What happened to good old Scotland??!!

    I used to think Scots drank their fabulous Whiskey for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner.

    Some non Scots occasionally add soda and/or ice to their Whiskey. Shame on them!

    And now Scots drink pure soda???

    What the hell went wrong?

  3. Finally Woken says:

    @Colson: Irn Bru, was invented in 1930 but the manufacturer was founded in 1875, so they have had a very long history.

    Re.the myths that Scots drink whiskey for breakfast, lunch and dinner: no comment *wink.

  4. Eew.. don’t like the stuff. It tastes very peculiar to me. I like the post though bec it brings back many happy memories of our visits to Scotland.

    Mrs Top Monkeys last blog post..First day of Syawal in Jakarta

  5. Mrs Top Monkey: I don’t blame you. I’m never fond of irn bru either. Do you know that Scottish people believe the drink can cure hangover too? It’s just a soda with orange color – no difference from coca cola!

  6. Oh there js suhin aboot it – first thing we reach for after a nyt on the swally…must b a scottish thing hee hee!


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