Let It Snow

It’s been a long time since I bitched about Scottish weather. Not because I’ve had settled here nicely and developed thick skin to bear the cold. Not because I have had run away, back to sunny Indonesia, for almost 2 months so I missed the most miserable weather. But seriously, because since I’ve got back here in Aberdeen, the weather is nice.

Although I still make fashion blunder now and then (the last time was when I thought the weather was warm enough and I still had not gloves, and suddenly it became so windy my fingers were frozen instantly), most of the time the temperature is mild enough I didn’t need to wear layers of clothes. There were several occasions that I actually felt warm (!) and had to switch the heater off, and open the windows up.

But my luck is running out, as weather forecast predicts horrible weather on the weekend, and it might be snow too!

Oh well, let’s see whether I’d survive this time!


  1. lucky you! gua mah gak kebayang salju kayak gimana, selalu kepikiran kayak es gosrok hahaha

  2. Haha… they always say that you want what you can’t have! But, technically, you can have the weather you want by just traveling to another location, but I hear you. California had non-stop rain for a bit, but now it’s clearing up.

  3. I don’t like cold weather and the gloomy sky outside. I think my skin is rejecting it too as I was all dry and itchy when I went to Canada in winter. What’s the lowest temp. can you get in your place, Anita?

  4. Finally Woken says:

    @Elyani: Minus 6 before I left to Indonesia in December, but that’s very rare. Today is only 4. Not too bad though, we still have sunshine!

  5. djunaedird says:

    Gajah Mati Meninggalkan Gading, Harimau Mati Meninggalkan Belang, Pak Harto Mati Meninggalkan Nama …………

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