Let’s Talk About Breasts… Again

Following Tree and my late night chat we came up with boobs post which inspired Tree to tag others (see Tree’s extensive list of ‘infected bloggers’ here) as part of his world domination plan. Those who were tagged cannot help but post something about boobs. Those who weren’t tagged silently took part anyway – too shy to announce their participation but maybe secretly hoping to be noticed by us, I don’t know – and before we knew it the boob post became a hit in Indonesian blogosphere.

I have done mine which basically reveals that women are fascinated by our – and other women’s – breasts. But if only guys knew how far women would go to maximize their assets, they won’t just believe what they ‘see’ until they see and feel them up close and personal!

Women are equipped with many tools which help us to support our breasts. Small cup? Get a padded bra. Sagging boobs? Get a lifter. No cleavage? Get a push-up. Revealing dress? Get invisible bra.

If only men knew…


clipped from www.ebrasetc.com

In 1863, Luman L Chapman patented a corset substitute with breast puffs and shoulder-brace straps that tied in back. The first bra was born. Then in 1893, Marie Tucek patented the “Breast Supporter” – the first garment similar to the modern-day bra that used shoulder straps with a hook-and-eye closure to support the breasts in pockets of fabric.

In 1904, the Charles R. DeBevoise Company first labeled a woman’s bra-like garment a ‘brassiere’. It was a actually a lightly boned camisole that helped stabilize the breasts

Corset substitute with breast puffs

1904 Bra Ad
1904 Brassiere

By 1907, the term “brassiere” began to show up in high profile women’s magazines and eventually, around 1912, it appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary.
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Now bra comes in different shape, color, style, and most importantly, function. There are push-up, demi-cup, full-cup, racerback, low back, strapless, wireless, backless, seamless, and many more (guys, now you understand why women need big closet!). There are bras designed for supersmall to superbig cup (brand like Bravissimo, for example, specialised in cup D to K women). There are bras specially fo teenagers (those in Indonesia called miniset), for maternity and nursing, for sport, and of course, for nothing but enticing men.

Almost 8 out of 10 women, however, wear the wrong size bra. I’ve got a friend who thought she was a C cup whilst I know for sure that she is much bigger than that, she could easily be DD or even E!  Click here to find out more about how to find the correct and perfect bra.

Silicone Bra

Not really ordinary bra like we normally know because it is made of silicone. This revolutionary, self-adhesive, silicone bra that looks, feels and bounces like real breasts is backless and strapless, making it invisible under clothing. Many but not all brands have this. Those who look for breast support that will remain invisible when worn with a special dress that has a low back, or wide off set shoulders, or is cut to reveal far more underarm and shoulder than the everyday bra can accommodate without revealing unsightly straps, usually go for this type.

Personally I don’t recommend this silicone bra unless you go to an air-conditioned event where you just sit nicely and clap, like Oscar or gala dinner. If you go to somewhere warm and dance away, it will peel off! I had my almost-embarrassed incident when I was out in Jakarta. It was hot at the dance floor and I was sweaty, dancing with a very gorgeous guy when suddenly I felt my ‘bra’ was peeling off of my breasts. I quickly ducked away, hands on chest, flew to toilet, leaving the guy stunned and puzzled why I suddenly left him. I managed to reach the toilet safely to take them off, but since I only carried one of those tiny clutches which held nothing but keys and mobile phone, I had to tuck my precious silicone cups in…. the back pocket of my jeans – and voila, I had a J-Lo bump! I was lucky though, I can’t imagine what I would have said if the thing slid away from my top and fell on the floor! (Picture borrowed from Frederick’s of Hollywood).

Nipple Cover

Much safer than silicone bra, but doesn’t give any support to breasts – so it is only recommended to those who are brave enough to go commando and have a good shape pair of breasts! It is the answer of many my halter neck-plunging neckline dress. The only downside is when you get home and face your man who will see those tapes and will shriek in horror: “What the hell is that??”

Those who think the picture above is boring probably could try something else like different model and color, like this picture on the left (borrowed from here).


There are many types of enhancer. There is gel inserts which will boosting up cup size (say from AA to DD) like picture on the right (stolen from here). These gel inserts are commonly known as ‘chicken fillet’ because they look, shape, and feel like… chicken fillet. Their jobs are similar to padded bras.

And there is what they call “adhesive cleavage push-up” which job is to create cleavage under the barest strapless and low plunge styles, like picture on the left (again, borrowed from Frederick’s of Hollywood).

Last but not least, I just found out what I myself call ‘boobs lifter’ which will help those sad sagging boobs back to their perky form. You have to heck on this video to find out more about how it works, it’s amazing! Personally I won’t need it just now, but who knows, in 20 years….

Just like what I said earlier, you cannot believe what you see until you see and feel them up close and personal. With all above tools to help women to achieve their perfect breasts form, there’s nothing you can do except embracing your luck, like lucky dip. Even celebrities cheat and the image that you see and visualize in your head is not always real! Look at this stunning Tyra Banks picture and see what her real breasts look like…




  1. Nit, very useful information… Good thing being a woman, there are so many ways to fix our body without underwent surgery and not painful at all!

    Eckys last blog post..Ink me, not

  2. What an article to stumble across, but thanks!

    Trents last blog post..Why Use Face Serum Or Moisturizer? (FYI)

  3. Tyra’s one brave chick to show that she has real breasts that sag, just like everybody else!

    Hey remember when there was only one type of bra?? People keep inventing new things don’t they! I wonder whether these are just scams to make us spend more money on useless bra-things that we only wear occasionally.

    I tell my boy about the Enhancer a while ago and I think he was quite shocked. He probably didn’t realise that women (also) could be so shifty!

    therrys last blog post..Micah’s Strange Habits

  4. no use to me (coz I am male ;p) but very interesting indeed.

    I think “Enhancer” is one of the best innovation made for man (and woman as well ;p)

    boys last blog post..Keep Your Eyes on Him Guys…He’s Dangerous

  5. Padded wired bras to make our boobs look bigger, butt enhancer to give the J Lo effect, fake eyelashes for the sultry looks, painted eyebrows for that great arch, foundation and make up to improve our face, corset to make our bodies appear tight and slim, sometimes even a wig for that wonderful hairdo…

    When you take all of those off, the man you’re with won’t recognize you anymore! 😉

  6. Ecky: good news for women – not so good for men, I guess. You think they feel they’re being tricked? I mean those perky sexy boobs last night can become sagging flat pair the next day.

    Trent: my pleasure :)

    Therry: show him the breast-lifter video, it will freak him out, thinking Angelina Jolie’s breast aren’t as what he thought…

    Boy: so you don’t mind if the girl you see tonight has a nice pair of breasts, and the next day you wonder where they’ve gone (down South, of course)? You’re ok being ‘tricked’?

    Mia: exactly my point! :)

  7. tyra’s boobs doesn’t sag. it’s normal and beautiful. it’s almost impossible for boobs with more than B cups to stay and defy gravity, unless in is made in china (silikon maksudnyah lol)..

    rima fauzis last blog post..Strange is..

  8. Just saw the video… women are tricksters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

    therrys last blog post..Micah’s Strange Habits

  9. Therry says it, women are tricksters.

    I’d a meeting yday with a woman very obviously well endowed. it was distracting. bad business practice. i think she should get an invisible bra.

    treespotters last blog post..on Meh

  10. Therry: now you know what I mean!

    Tree: It’s bad because you kept staring at them and forgot what you were about to say? Or it’s bad because you wanted more than stare?

  11. It’s amazing it has taken me so long to come across this wonderful post of yours.
    In research for my blog I come across so much gutter stuff about breasts I often feel I want to resign from being a man.
    It’s so refreshing seeing something that just talks about breasts in a natural manner. I think it would be good for men if more women wrote as honestly as you have here.
    best regards
    Chris Curnow recently posted…Why every woman deserves feel good lingerieMy Profile

    • Chris: thank you. I guess there are so many myths around women’s breasts, created by men mostly. For us they’re just… there, and I can tell you that they take a lot of work from us to make them look presentable!

  12. Awesome article (and I love those silicone bras)! A refreshing viewpoint on breasts for once. Thanks.

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